Study by Cheryl O
Rabbit Study - by Cheryl O
This little one met me on my walk the other day.
Seems to be a lot of them in the neighbourhood!

I work with two completely opposite foundations when I teach.

On the one hand I work hard to encourage students to paint more often. I use specific strategies to help them grow their art. Concepts clearly explained and then built upon that I know from experience will impact their painting skills. And - painting more means faster learning too!

Opposing this? I want students to understand that all art courses with me are a guilt free zone. Simply put: sometimes life gets in the way of art. I don't need to know that Aunt Bertha came unexpectedly for a few days. Make some good notes from the lesson and if you don't get a chance to do that week's assignment, your art will be waiting for you later.

In the end, I hope that you are motivated not by guilt, but by the joy of the creative calling. If that is inside you, even if there are times away from art long or short, your creative spirit will surely find the right time to shine again.

Happy Painting!
Cheryl O
In this video, Pam from London Canada chats with Cheryl O about how experiencing a 'guilt free zone' has impacted the growth of her art. Thanks Pam! (And I learned that one must really carefully proof read auto captions because sometimes "people" become "peanuts" - heheh. I fixed it.)
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Today's Quote:

“Ideas are like rabbits.
You get a couple and learn how to handle them,
and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

John Steinbeck
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