Dear Parents,

It is difficult to know how to address the events of the past several weeks.

As an organization that educates parents, students, and community members, we condemn the recent acts of racism and violence that have shaken our nation and led to a groundswell of peaceful protests.

We know that our children are watching and learning from us, so we must model behavior that shows we will not tolerate injustice, cruelty, prejudice, or violence. We stand with you - our friends, family members, and colleagues in the Black community - and we will not be silent.

As parents, our job is to keep our children safe and healthy, a commitment that we take seriously at The Parent Education Series. Through high-quality parent and community education, we empower families with the strategies and tools they need to better communicate with their children.

And that means opening difficult, sometimes uncomfortable parent-child conversations about race, slavery, police brutality, and the history of our nation. Now, more than ever, parents need to have these conversations with their children and teens. It is through this disequilibrium that we learn and grow.

We must continually educate ourselves about biases - whether conscious or unconscious - that impact how we guide our children, and we must show our kids that actions, words, and deeds matter. Black Lives Matter.

Moving forward, we hope that these resources will help you start a conversation with your family:

Video Library

News Articles

In compassion and hope for the future,

Charlene & Bev
Founders, The Parent Venture
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