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June 8, 2020
The Lowdown with Lori
Keeping the Spirit of Small-Town Charm Alive as we Welcome Visitors Back!
Georgetown/Scott County has everything you imagine a small town to be, from the rich history, amazing architecture,the beauty of our bluegrass and attractions, locally owned shops and restaurants, art galleries, local festivals, and authentic hospitality. Both residents and visitors benefit from a beautiful, vibrant downtown. Our community has played an essential role in supporting small businesses and non-profits during this difficult time. I want to thank all of the loyal customers, public officials, community partners, and dedicated small businesses for leading the charge to keep the Spirit of Georgetown/Scott County Alive.  

At Georgetown/Scott County Tourism, we consider our downtown a main attraction, where our guests and residents alike enjoy a slower pace and relaxed vibes. Every year we see thousands of people visit to try the flavors of local food, the excitement of local attractions, the rare finds in local shops and to feel a connection to the lifestyle of the locals. While this year is going to be a little different as businesses and attractions slowly re-open, some things will not change; our American flags fly proudly on Main and Broadway, the barrels and hanging baskets of flowers are in bloom and that alone gives us a small semblance of normalcy.
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right now we are missing our friends, families, neighbors and visitors, but we must remain strong and inspired. Inspired by the acts of kindness, inspired by the many sacrifices, inspired by the support of one another and inspired to re-open in a safe way. We will all meet again, when the time is right, with warmth, pride and hospitality. We all look forward to welcoming our visitors back!

Gtown Is My Town,
A Cup of Common Wealth - Cold Brew Shaker
A Cup of Common Wealth is known for having cultivated a homey hangout where people feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. Attribute that to owner Salvador Sanchez, who opened the Internet coffee cafe in downtown Georgetown last year, tucking it in a building that was formerly a subway and displaying inspirational quotes (Crafted with Love & Served with Gratitude) on the walls.
Come on Back to the Farm!
Summer is here and that means excursions to farms and farmers markets to load up on flowers and veggies for planting and growing and fresh produce for buying and building dinner menus around. Georgetown and Scott County farms and farmers are ready to welcome you back, on their porch, curbside or at a booth at the Georgetown/Scott County Farmers Market.
What are Flowers Really Saying?
Did you know flowers have a secret language all their own? They do and they have lots to say – and not all of it is, well, nice, or even logical. Explore the many different flowers you can encounter here in our many Scott County Farms.
Melendez Foundation Shares Bourbon Love From Georgetown
A van packed full of food and supplies was driven all the way from Texas to Kentucky and donated to Georgetown’s AMEN House recently, thanks to a hero who created his own foundation and a chance friendship with a local bourbon distiller.
Abby Mae's Boutique

Shop owner Sarah Christian is on a mission. Actually, she’s on several missions and they all have to do with clothes and canines. Not just any clothes and canines, mind you, but clothes that embody the belief that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and one very special canine - a rescue dog named Abby Mae, that inspired not only the shop’s name but an ongoing gives-back program as well.
Buffalo Springs Distillery

Innkeeper Kayla Jones has a way for bourbon aficionados to get immersed in the bourbon experience in the very place Georgetownians will tell you bourbon was discovered. A stay at the Buffalo Springs Distillery Company in Stamping Ground puts guests within a short drive of downtown Georgetown and Royal Spring Park.
Experience Kentucky's Horse Headquarters From Home!
Bask in the Bluegrass from the comfort of an armchair with our new collection of Virtual Tours, Experiences and Stay-At-Home Activities!

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