KPG Revenue Cycle Management, Inc.

Group Management Users:
Find Your Voice!
Time to Come Together
Kathy Puziak
President KPG Revenue Cycle Management, Inc.
We have spoken to many of you about the need for a “voice” for Group Management users. Centricity Practice Solutions and Centricity EMR have CHUG. Group Management used to have Account Managers and regional meetings. Now, we have Centricity Live, which does not always bring us together as a cohesive group to share our specific needs.

Whenever we bring up the question of a User’s Group at CLIVE or on conference calls, the response is overwhelmingly positive. So, we spoke to the CHUG Board of Director’s in Boston about options we might have to pursue this endeavor and were very encouraged by their response and support.

Now we are reaching out to you in this mailing to gain a true understanding of interest so we can determine how to move ahead.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • We can create a virtual user’s group that meets online!
  • User meetings can be targeted to specific specialties.
  • Prepare for the Centricity Live User’s Conference as a group – suggesting topics that we all share an interest in and can share presenting
  • Be a unified voice to GE with questions about product roadmap

Please take a moment to answer the question below so we can decide whether to move forward with a Group Management User’s Group. We will get back to you with the results and next steps.
Are you interested in a Group Management User's Group?
Las Vegas Here We Come
Centricity Live
May 16 – 18, 2018

Mark the date. If we form a Group Management User’s Group, we can plan a meeting for that time. We will provide the space and refreshments. Let’s see if we can make it happen!