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This month we take a look at the Hiring Process, understanding terms as well as helping you attract the right candidate. We hope you find this newsletter helpful and informative.


The Next Time Somebody Tells You 'Recruiting Is Easy' Take a Deep Breath and Read This

"They don't see the thousands of applications reviewed," Paige wrote, "the hundreds of phone calls, and the dozens of interviews it takes to fill one role. They don't see how competitive the current job market is." Her post resonated with other recruiters, amassing nearly 14,000 reactions and some 900 comments.

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Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment: Understanding The Difference

Hiring. Recruiting. Talent acquisition. Doesn't it all mean the same thing? There's actually a crucial difference between recruiting and talent acquisition, and understanding this will help you establish a more effective hiring strategy. Recruiting happens when employers are addressing a current opening...

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6 Ways to Start Attracting Relevant Job Candidates

Recruitment is more than just filling a job vacancy. Instead, HR teams should aim to attract and recruit candidates that complement your company's culture and boast the right skills, experience, and education to thrive in their roles. But, how do you encourage these kinds of ideal applicants to get in touch?

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