Latest News on the Greenbelt East Trail Proposal, A Key Future Segment of the East Coast Greenway

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Here's the Video from our Trail Walk with SHA and Local Officials

Video created by Greenbelt Access Television

On our Trail walk in November, our regional planner from the State Highway Administration (SHA) suggested four possible sources of funding for the Greenbelt East Trail:

  1. Transportation Alternatives (TA)
  2. Safe Routes to School (SRTS)
  3. New Sidewalk Construction for Pedestrian Access (Fund 79)
  4. Bicycle Retrofit (Fund 88)

What I'm less clear on is who takes the next steps to investigate the search for funding sources: is it SHA, the Prince George's Department of Public Works & Transport (DPW&T), the City of Greenbelt, PGParks and/or PGPlanning?

For example, this slide deck on the TA program seems to indicate that the grantee would logically be a state highway agency, but I'm not sure. All comments and suggestions welcome!

How Can You Help?

Please don't hesitate to reply to this email with info and corrections and ideas! Send this newsletter to your friends and encourage them to sign up for these emails too. Share this link to the video above: We will need to reach out to more stakeholders and public officials whose help we will need to make a reality! -Jeff

Here's What Greenbelt Road (MD Route 193) Looks Like Near NASA

Here's What we Want Instead! (Pic is from a DC Protected Bike Trail)