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November 2022
Where is Away?
Your Local Library Has the Answer!
We all know that garbage gets thrown away. But where exactly is away?

Thanks to a grant from the DuPage Foundation, SCARCE has created a second hands-on, traveling exhibit for local libraries that answers this question. The first exhibit was so popular, we had to make another one!

The Where is Away? interactive display explains what happens to your common household items and how you can properly recycle, compost, or dispose of them. Watch for the exhibit at your local library!

Contact jean@scarce.org to find out how to bring the exhibit to a library near you.
Volunteer Ron helps SCARCE sort keys for recycling.

ABC's of Smart Recycling
K is for Keys
Did you know that something as small as the key in your pocket can be recycled?

SCARCE has been collecting keys for decades because metal recycling is a great way to lower our carbon footprint.

Read more about how even small things add up to big changes in this month's blogpost: K is for Keys.
Pumpkin SMASH - November 5th!
Bring your pumpkin to one of 69 locations in the Chicagoland area this November 5th and turn that orange pumpkin green!

This year's Pumpkin SMASH is bigger than ever--and will keep THOUSANDS of pounds of pumpkins out of the landfill by turning them into valuable compost.

Collect all the pumpkins you can find and bring them to your local smash! Use our locator to find a Pumpkin SMASH near you.
Environmental Education Program
"Deep Roots" Saturday, Nov. 19 at 10am
Join your friends at SCARCE in our Education Center on Saturday, November 19th from 10am-10:45am to learn more about the deep roots of the Illinois prairie and our many native animals.

This interactive program is filled with music, dance, and storytelling and is perfect for families with children from kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Learn more about this unique nature program and register to attend here.
Local Business News
Antunes Awarded Earth Flag AND Water Quality Flag
Committed to protecting our local waterways, reducing waste, and saving energy, this Carol Stream company has over 900 solar panels on its roof!

Representatives from DuPage County, DuPage County Stormwater Management, and SCARCE presented both flags to Antunes on October 6th.

Congratulations on this amazing achievement!
Funding Available for EV Charging Stations
Do you know a local business that wants to support employees who make the switch to electric vehicles? Good news! Government grants are available to help set up charging stations.

Visit Driving a Cleaner Illinois for details.
SCARCE Donates Steel Drums for HHW
SCARCE received 9 brand new 55 gallon steel drums from a local organization and found the perfect home for them!

The Regional HHW facility in Naperville was very grateful to receive these drums. It makes our day when we match an organization with the materials they need.

Is your organization in need of materials? Email us to learn more about resources at SCARCE.
Recycling Events
Pumpkin Smash - multiple locations
America Recycles Day - Nov 15
Recycle, Don't Wish-cycle!
Celebrate America Recycles Day this November 15th by becoming the best recycler you can!

Ever wonder if something is OK to put in the Blue Bin? DuPage County has created this video that shows you where and how our local recycling is handled. Check out the video to learn what you should and what you shouldn't put in your blue bin.
Giving Tuesday is November 29
Giving Tuesday is a national awareness campaign putting the nonprofit organizations that serve our communities out in front.

Consider adding SCARCE to your Giving Day Plans!
Green Hints!
Don't Dump it Down the Drain!
Used Cooking Oil Collection
Saturday Nov. 26
Frying a turkey this Thanksgiving?
Protect your home plumbing and our storm drains by collecting all your used cooking oil for recycling.

Used oil can be brought to SCARCE on Nov. 26th to be recycled into bio-fuels! See all locations here.

Raking Leaves?
Watch That Storm Drain!
Fall means falling leaves. How will you handle them? The best plan is to mulch dry leaves and allow them to both feed the soil and protect the roots of nearby trees.

If you do rake the leaves for collection, be careful not to block storm drains, which can cause flooding. Never leave piles of organic matter to decay on top of a storm drain, which can pollute stormwater.
Time to Tip the Barrel
With colder temperatures already chilling things down, it's time to empty your rain barrel and tip it over to keep freezing ice and snow from building up inside.

Frozen water can crack plastic and break the seals around your rain barrel's spigot. Learn more about how to care for your rain barrel at University of Minnesota Extension.
Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Half-day Wednesday Nov. 23 from 9am-12noon
Saturday, Nov. 26 9am-12noon (Cooking Oil Collection Day)

Thursday & Friday, November 24-25
Thank You to Businesses

A special thank you to businesses who donated supplies and/or services to our Rescue Projects this month!

  • Keson, Aurora
  • Ryan Shreve, Revo Wired Webservices
  • Whole Foods, Wheaton
Thankful for Volunteers
Sorting, shelving, and recycling to help people near and far, SCARCE volunteers are the BEST!
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