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May 2021
Friday, May 7th @ 10am
Did you know that you can turn fruit and veggie scraps into a nutrient-dense, eco-friendly fertilizer right in your backyard?
Learn how with home-composting expert Kay McKeen. Kay will cover the do’s and don’ts, how to set up your compost bin, and tips for troubleshooting. Great for newbies and experienced composters alike!

Need a bin? Order a compost bin to use in your yard through The Conservation Foundation and DuPage County. Pre-orders due May 8. Learn more.
Have you gotten caught up in the home improvement craze sweeping the U.S.? Take this opportunity to make some energy efficient home upgrades that will pay off in comfort and savings for your wallet and the planet for decades. Plus, now is a good time to take advantage of rebates and recently extended tax incentives. Learn about some key projects and their accompanying incentives in our post.
Check out this month's local eco-extraordinaires!
Cantigny Park was awarded the Water Quality Flag.
The DuPage County Sheriff's Office went Styrofoam-free
Girl Scout Troop 75596 collected 42lbs of keys and bread tags for recycling at SCARCE.
Food Scrap Compost Sale: Nourish Your Garden
Did you miss our compost sale at the Growin' Green Garden Market? You're in luck! We've got lots of compost left! This locally-made compost is an eco-friendly nutrient boost for your lawn, garden, and even your houseplants.

Compost is available at SCARCE for $5 for 5 gallons or $20 for 30 gallons. You must provide your own container and shovel. Call 630-545-9710 to schedule a time to pick up. Get it while it lasts!

All proceeds support our education programs and Reuse Center for teachers and non-profits.
Get some of this "black gold" for your plants while you can!
Are you ready to ramp up your recycling know-how? Join us for this virtual workshop to go deeper into the do’s and don’ts of recycling. Come ready with all your recycling questions!
DuPage County, through the efforts of Environmental Committee Chair, Sheila Rutledge, is partnering with Lakeshore Recycling Systems to collect and recycle corrugated plastic and cardboard campaign signs. The recycling event will take place May 14th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and May 15th 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the DuPage County Campus, Main Entrance, Wheaton, IL  Enter from County Farm Rd.  The event is free of charge and limited to corrugated plastic signs only. Metal sign stands must be removed and will be collected and recycled separately at the event. View info flyer.
Learn How to Observe the Night Sky & Preserve it!
Have you ever been curious about our night sky? Join the Sierra Club and Susan Wilson of the Naperville Astronomical Association on May 12th to learn how to observe the stars, planets and other wonders of the night sky.
Did you know, you can also help to protect our night skies? They are under threat from light pollution, which, simply put, is wasted light and energy. Learn about light pollution and how you can take action here. 
Wood chips are great for your garden! They protect soil, reduce erosion, prevent weeds, and help retain soil moisture. Get free wood chips at the DuPage County Forest Preserve District native plant nursery at Blackwell Forest Preserve in West Chicago May 15th and 22nd. More info here.
Protect clean waterways by volunteering for the annual county-wide self-coordinated DuPage River Sweep. Volunteers will work in groups to remove litter from a local waterway or perform streambank restoration. Learn more and register.
Midwest Grows Green, a sustainable landscaping initiative of the non-profit IPM Institute of North America, is excited to offer three communities technical assistance for the implementation, improvement and marketing of natural lawn care for up to two turfgrass fields. Application deadline is May 28th.
Book a Program for Your Group
We offer engaging environmental education programs for people of all ages on topics from composting, to clean water, recycling, energy conservation, gardening and more! In-person programs for small groups and virtual programs (any size) are available.

Contact us at 630-545-9710 or info@scarce.org to learn more.
Have you spent time outdoors this past year and begun to wonder about the bird songs you hear around your home? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has courses to help you learn to identify birds - including by their song. They offer a plethora of bird education programs in their online Bird Academy. Free offerings include an eBird essentials course that will teach you how to take advantage of the eBird app as well as fun games and open lectures. Find it all here
Caution: Turtle Crossing!
It's turtle crossing season! Be on the lookout for turtles crossing roadways especially near lakes, ponds and marshes. From mid-May to mid-July female turtles in particular are found crossing roads as they make their way to and from nesting sites. Despite their hard shells, turtles can be seriously injured by a vehicle. Because of their long life spans and how long it takes to reach sexual maturity, losing just one turtle can have a big impact on the population. Learn more about protecting our native turtles from the Forest Preserve District.
During the month of May, our used book and record shop is having a half-price ficiton sale! All adult fiction books are marked down to $1 for paperbacks and $2 for hardcovers. The sale excludes children's items. SCARCE-LY USED is open Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm and Sat 9am-12pm. All proceeds support our Reuse Center for teachers and non-profits.
Recycling Events
Environmental Events - Mark Your Calendar!
SCARCE is participating in or hosting events in green.
SCARCE-LY USED Books & Records @ SCARCE Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm, Sat 9am-12pm
Thank You to Businesses
A special thank you to businesses who donated supplies to our Rescue Projects this month!
  • Affordable Kitchens - Wheaton
  • Carlson Art Supply - Wheaton
  • Covenant Living at the Holmstad - Batavia
  • Ivy Restaurant - Wheaton
  • Northwestern Flavors LLC - West Chicago
  • Revo Wired - Berwyn
  • Villa St. Benedict - Lisle
  • Whole Foods - Wheaton
On-going Volunteer Opportunities - Our volunteer program is currently on hold.
Our Reuse Center couldn't function without these amazing individuals that dedicate their time each week to sorting, stocking, and organizing your donations!

If you see them when you visit, give them a round of applause!
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