An EcoFaith Summer Update

Caring for Creation at Carmel

by Mike Norberg

At the 2023 Synod Assembly, the voting members approved a resolution for the NE Minnesota Synod to become a Pollinator Synod. The resolution recognizes the importance of pollinators in our eco-system and acknowledges that populations of pollinator species have been decreasing and are being threatened by climate change, diminishing habitat, and the use of pesticides and other chemicals. The resolution also encourages congregations and individuals to promote pollinator friendly habitats on their grounds, at their homes and in their neighborhoods. 

Three families of Carmel Lutheran Church took the issue of pollinators to heart last spring. They built bee hives recognizing the need to sustain and support pollinators and hopefully obtain a little honey too. Horizontal insulated hives appeared to be the most sustainable way to raise and successfully winter pollinators in a northern climate. This is different from commercial beekeeping. The families purchased materials together, acquired and read a book on natural beekeeping called Keeping Bees With a Smile (Lazutin-Sharashkin).

Together the three families built hives insulated with sheep wool. They ordered pre-made frames to fit the hives and starter wax sheets that the bees use to build the honey comb and a package of bees with a queen to start the hive. In Carmel’s rural location there are an abundance of flowering plants and so far the bees appear to be thriving. In the spirit of the NE MN Synod designation as a pollinator synod, they all feel rewarded and fulfilled to enhance God's abundance.

The EcoFaith Network hosts seasonal gatherings for congregations and all those engaged in caring for creation. Join us to share creative ways to care for creation, receive prayerful support during challenges, and celebrate times of joy and hope.

We invite you to our next event on Thursday, July 20th from 7-8pm on Zoom. What does it mean to focus on creation care in the summertime? We will hear from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Princeton about Lil' Sprouts Caring for Creation, a youth program focusing on growing and food systems from seed to recipe, and about The Two Gardens, a summer sermon series focused on creation care. Most of our time will center on discussion, community building, and idea sharing.

Register here!

This Month's Green Tips

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Caring for Our Earth, Our Common Home: A Way to Love Both God and Our Neighbor

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Connections with Creation


July 2 – Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

We are invited to be instruments of righteousness. We are part of a wonderous orchestra or band sounding out our faith to all those we encounter. Part of living out our faith, part of the beautiful music we play together, is caring for creation. Oftentimes the choices we make in our own homes are easier—transitioning to reusable grocery bags, limiting the number of single packaged items we buy, purchasing our meat and vegetables from small sustainable farms. These solo performances, while they are wonderful, require only us and maybe a handful of people in our homes. It takes much more work to come together with our entire band to make these decisions. What choices could your small group, Bible study, Sunday school class, or entire congregation make to perform a beautiful score of caring for creation? How can we as instruments come together to make something even more impactful?

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Thank you to our new EcoFaith Network Partner Congregations!

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Gloria Dei, $500

Zion WELCA, Grand Rapids, $50

The EcoFaith Network thanks the 2023 Partner Congregations for your prayers and your financial commitment as we live out God’s call to be stewards of the earth for the sake of the whole creation.

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