New York Outreach
New York and the City. I always wanted to go there and when the former governor of New York stated that "prolife people" were not welcome in the state of New York, I considered that an invitation to visit.

So recently Project Truth and four other frontline ministries banded together for ten days to engage the people of New York with the Gospel and message of the right to life.

My friend, Mark Harrington with Created Equal, put our schedule together and after a team picture (below) we went to the streets with the light.
I so wanted to stand at one of the first killing centers in America and our teams gathered outside the infamous Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Center in Manhattan. It is a busy place and we were able to challenge the workers and businesses that are partners in the destruction of little humans.

At least one couple who listened to our plea agreed to leave and do their business elsewhere. We don't know if they were abortion bound, but I was concerned once they went inside the pressure would be put on them to abort. It was awesome to see them leave and not even go inside.
We were told that there are apartments above the killing place and sometimes the occupants throw things down on the sidewalk counselors. But that didn't happen while we were there. Many of us have Go-Pros and make it obvious we will film troublemakers. This is a great deterrent.

Below, we were there when a company picked up the containers of the aborted children. This is always one of the hardest parts of my ministry. In my next newsletter I will tell you the chilling story of what happened when one of the boxes were opened at another killing center while we were in New York.

Another evil place I wanted to visit was near the famous Chrysler Building. Named "Early Options," this killing place has no Christians outside giving hope to the couples going in. At this center there are five women abortionists who LIE to the women on their webpage in order to lure them into the business. It is in your face lies and they get away with it. One such lie is the idea that there is no discernable baby at nine weeks. The website shows a dishonest photo of what is supposed to be a nine-week-old fetus, but the photo shows no features, just a ball of fuzz. I hate this place and our team stood outside and challenged the people walking by to stand up to the scourge in their neighborhood. You could see the look in the passersby that this was new to them. Some people stopped to tell us they appreciated our boldness. You can see some live video outside this place on our ProjectTruth Facebook page.

In the picture above, I am talking to the man who allows people into the building where the abortion center is located. At first he was irritated with me and then began to listen to my words to him. He came to the door and admitted he thought abortion was wrong. I challenged him that his paychecks are stained in blood and that he needed to get out of that business. He agreed to think about all I said to him. Pray he will come to his senses and read the brochure we offered to him and "escape the snare of the Devil..."

For the most part, the people of New York City were great. It was a lot like California as far as responses to our message, but one guy tried to beat up our buddy AJ, below, and was unsuccessful. The police were great the whole time we were there and were very professional.
There was time to visit some of the famous places of New York City and this may be my most impactful moment. At the Ground Zero Memorial there are several places where the names of the victims are engraved where the Twin Towers were destroyed. Some of the families insisted on these words on the Memorial for their loved ones. I'm choking up just remembering it "...and her unborn child."
Manhattan seemed to be a very safe place for the most part. Whether Grand Central Station, Ground Zero or at Times Square, the law enforcement presence seemed solid.
Our teams ventured into Times Square, which I can only describe as Hollywood on steroids.

Thousands of locals and travelers from every part of the world.

We set up in the center of the Square and engaged many people on two different days of outreach. It was awesome.

Below, Matt effectively deflected the socialistic rhetoric of these nice Italian visitors who enjoyed practicing their English and also being schooled on the truth about abortion. After a long conversation, they thanked him for the conversation and said they would do more research. They took the brochure that includes the Gospel and it is our hope they find the Way.
Above, Lucas, and below, Stephen, are part of the Tiny Heartbeats Washington team of frontline soldiers. They were in their element in Times Square and had some good conversations. Project Truth always loves standing with the crew from Washington State.
This young lady, below, approached me and shared how my niece Kortney, who was killed by a drunk driver ten years ago, had influenced her as an inspiration to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and is now in the thick of the battle.

Now that's a highlight of my trip as well. I had her give her testimony and sent it to my brother, Larry. I've included the 30-second clip for you to enjoy.
I finally made it to Columbia University. A private college... so our teams stood at the gates and had great dialogues with students and locals alike. It is a beautiful campus and those who attend think they are pretty smart.

One student came up the subway stairs and immediately started calling me a fascist and ignorant. I told him I didn't want to be the things he was calling me and asked why he thought such terrible things. For the next 20 minutes we had a great conversation and he discovered that he was, in fact, the one with fascist and ignorant views.

He set himself up with statements like "a woman can remove a parasite from her body" and "that thing inside her is unwanted" and "the fetus is subhuman." After he made those claims I went to our great brochure, "Unlocking the Truth" and read to him the words of past fascist leaders.

As I read these quotes, this Columbia University student was confronted with his hypocrisy.

Here are the statements of Fascists:

"Jews are responsible for economic and social problems because they are an inferior race...and a parasitic existence...there is only one effective measure: cut them out." Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Enlightenment,1940.

"A good Croatian believes in the prearranged, well-calculated plan for cleansing our Croatia of unwanted elements." Victor Gutic, 1941, opening up the slaughter of thousands of Serbs.

These are also the words of the elite in America as they have exterminated 62 million babies and are now opening the dark door to murder newborn babies up to 28 days after birth. New York and California are leading the way into irretrievable darkness.

At the end of our conversation the student shook my hand and said he "enjoyed the conversation." That's right...a Columbia University brainiac told me it was a good dialogue. I thought that merited a Columbia sweatshirt or hat, but it didn't happen. Below, is the photo I will always remember at Columbia University.
Lori, below on the left, had a good discussion with a student outside the gates of Columbia, who admitted he works at a Planned Parenthood. Lori was able to share her personal story of the terrible influence of the abortion industry in her life and this divine appointment impacted this student he never expected when he woke up that day.

It is not a suggestion of God to "GO INTO THE HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS." Luke 14:23. It is a command.

That's where you will find Project Truth Christians...obeying God's orders. Look at the pictures of all the souls walking around on the streets, lost in sin, waiting to hear the truth so they can accept it or reject it.
With the One World Trade Center in the background we spent a day at New York University, below, and found the best spot on campus, the famous New York University Library. There were some spirited conversations and the students weren't ready for the truth on their campus.
I just realized that much of my life has been spent at University libraries...ok, maybe outside the libraries, but still close to the libraries. All that knowledge has to have found its way into my willing mind. But then again, outside the library is where the knowledge can be applied. I think I'm on to something.

It is written in Psalms 119:66, "Teach me good discernment and knowledge, For I believe in Your Commandments."

Knowledge applied correctly brings wisdom that comes from being in the real world with God's direction.
The most memorable one-liner of the week happened as a couple of students walked by our display. The girl asked her friend, "Wait, are those pictures actually real?" To which her friend replied "I don't want to know."
A guy with a delivery bike stopped his bike in front of our displays and said out loud, "Look, that's a head, a little head; that's it, I'm pro-life." Then he rode down the street repeating, "I'm pro-life."
A local Jewish man stopped to reprimand a student trying to justify abortion. We had a number of New Yorkers stand on our side. It was refreshing.

I thought I would not enjoy New York, but instead I loved every minute of our missions trip.

I have so much more to tell you and will save it for the next newsletter.
Alex was in the zone with many of his conversations.

Below, these two New York University students were willing to consider the things of God and, even though appeared to be lit up, wanted a picture with me after a conversation with a Christian. The girl on the left seemed to be open and may have never been in a conversation with a believer before. Her friend wasn't sure where she was. My heart went out to these two and hope their picture on their phone is used by God to bring them to repentance. She promised to read the book.
AJ enjoyed doing interviews that hopefully will have an impact on those who watch the news.
And finally, one more great highlight for this newsletter was our visit to Brooklyn Tabernacle on our first Sunday morning in the City. What a great way to start off the outreach. It was a great two-hour worship service. And to top it off I made it my mission to meet the great missionary pastor, Jim Cymbala. He was gracious and friendly.
Thank you for standing with me
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