Where have all the students gone?
Continuing our college tour, something is quite obvious; the student populations are eerily dwindled. In some cases, half the student body is missing. You might say they've gone online. But not so. While some students are online, the administrators tell me "something isn't right."

Our recent visit to Sac City College seemed like we were visiting a ghost town. We have been to that campus five times over the past fifteen years, engaging crowds within a 20,000 student population. Not even close anymore.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad there aren't so many of our youth getting their brains scrambled by the humanistic professors that dominate the college campuses.

Yet, there are several possible factors for the missing students.

The troubling reality is that the consequences of aborting 62 million of the children in our country has finally come home to bring sorrow. Another factor is the despair millions of people are experiencing from our country's wrong approach to the Pandemic debacle and other societal problems. We are ministering to many in depression from these past four years.

And in these dark days, He calls us to bring the Light and Hope that ONLY Jesus Christ can provide. We meet this challenge by going out into the streets and call people to repentance and reconciliation to God.

Our role model is Jesus, who is walking the streets, looking for the lost.
Anna, above, is with Survivors, who has joined Project Truth on some of our tour stops. She was rescued from the Buddhist cult through the ministry of Jack Hibbs. Now on fire, her passion for Christ is infectious.

Below, Tim and Cheryl are rebuilding the Survivors team. Pray for Tim as he recruits warriors for his outreach plans. They will be doing college tours like us .
Below is another great warrior, Scott, who is spending more time on the college campuses near his home. He joins us when we are in his part of the world and is very effective sharing the Gospel.
Above, Greg, an attorney, steps away from the courtroom sometimes and joined us at Sac City College to engage a Psych professor and other guitar strumming students trying to dissuade students from hearing the truth about abortion.

You might recognize from an earlier newsletter the guitar player on the right. She is the student that was on the church worship team of a Sacramento church. Her coarse words towards our team and her mocking of Jesus while trying to drown out our conversations inspired me to contact her pastor about her actions. To his credit, she was removed from the worship team. She has since declared her real self as a witch and was very mad that I exposed her deception at the church. Somehow she got wind of our visit to Sac City College and came over to harass us for a little while. Fortunately, the students thought she was a troublemaker and all but ignored her efforts.

Below, Carol makes an attempt to minister to her and at least plant some truth into her mind.
Below, a professor tried to challenge us in front of the students. In the classroom these teachers have total control over the captive audience, but outside they are out of their element, so conversations don't fall under their manipulation. This prof mocked God and our attempt to define words correctly. I wouldn't have it and told him that I understood why so many students are lost after sitting under the teachings of these "professors." He tried to say that whatever a student believes is truth and is not to be challenged. I told him we are on campus to rescue these students from the wrong tenants of the liberal worldview. He laughed that I would call him a liberal. I got a liberal to laugh...that's a success.

Carol tried to talk to him later but he could not stomach the Christian worldview and walked away, back into his darkness.
Below, Pastor Cook loves our college ministry and the students he comes in contact with.
Now, you are not going to believe me, but I am telling you the truth!

A student walked up to our display at UC Riverside, a university of higher learning. He then proceeded to write in chalk this slogan. One of our team members tried to tell him that he was misspelling the words, but I quickly quieted her, and allowed him to write. He was not joking. Other signs he was displaying were also misspelled. They don't offer spellcheck on the sidewalks.

I kid you not.
We had never been on the UC Riverside campus and the Cal State San Bernardino campus. They welcomed us with open arms...NOT.

Our message was welcome by some and a few Christian students loved us being on their campus. It was again expressed that nothing like our message is on the campus during the year.
This interesting student character on the Cal State campus had a moment when he spewed out pro-abortion slogans and then said, " I am personally opposed to abortion." I asked him "why?" He paused and started to say "because it kills a baby." But he caught himself and the pause seemed to last forever. I couldn't help but fill in the blank for him to which he denied, even though it was too late.
There are students walking by who have had abortions and are carrying a load of guilt. They open up to our team and walk away with all they need to be set free from their burden. Sometimes the guys share their regret for participating in an abortion. Jesus showed us that we are to go and seek these people out. What a great plan for redemption.
Hannah tries to engage this lady above on the left, who claims she teaches a Bible class at a church. Then she began to ridicule us and claim Jesus is for abortion. The woman tried to get students to ignore us, but she only drew strange looks.

What was really crazy is that she and some other rowdy students called the police, reporting that our team was illegally on the campus, bothering students. The police arrived and were a bit confused when they saw our demeanor and success with engaging the students. We even offered to show them our video footage as proof we were not doing anything the troublemakers were accusing us of.

At one point the president of this college of higher learning came up to me while I was talking to the police and started throwing a fit.

He said "You are not allowed to talk to or approach students. If you harass students I will have you removed from the campus.

I said "Sir, harassment is illegal and I agree with you about removing anyone who harasses someone on campus. Will you remove any student who harasses one of us?"

He growls at me and says "THIS IS THEIR CAMPUS!" HMMMMM?

I responded, "Sir, this is OUR campus. We built this for them."

He muttered some muddled words and stormed away.

The officers had had enough and had seen enough. They shook our hands and left. We continued our ministry approaching and talking to the students.
A Great Family of God's Warriors
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