Project Truth Spring Tour Begins With Four Universities in Four Days
Our team of warriors traveled to Southern California to challenge the students at four popular colleges with the truth about abortion and the Gospel. The weather cleared for us so our team could hand out over twenty-five hundred brochures, books, Bibles, and Gospel tracts.

The Survivors team, led by Tim Clement, based in Southern California joined us.

We had hundreds of good conversations and were the talk of the campuses each day.
There seems to be a shift in the college world with more students choosing to attend state universities rather than junior colleges. The junior colleges have all but died. Some of them are down to half the students from before the pandemic.

However, we found thousands of students at the universities.

Below, Matt points out the crowds roaming UCLA, making a great place for us to engage the culture.
The UCLA visit was met with cold responses, but we let our pictures of injustice "speak a thousand words."

The UCLA staff attempted to limit our effectiveness with some made-up policies. We prevailed and finished the day strong right in the middle of this beautiful campus.

Two students walked by and were overheard saying, "That photo of abortion is burned in my brain and I can't get it out of my mind."
Above, the Wellness Center, in the quad, is the abortion center for UCLA, providing child sacrifice seven days a week. They even provide a vending machine, below, when the center is closed to allow students to purchase the abortion pill and a host of other abortion materials.
But wait, there's more...walking around the campus is Mr. Carrot, offering free condoms to passing students all day.

This is UCLA, one of the most respected places of higher learning in the world.
Below, this large logo can be found in the Board of Regents Conference room. It appears to have a Bible portrayed with the streamer proclaiming "Let There be Light."
Next we visited U.C. Irvine
U.C. Irvine is another beautiful campus near the Pacific Ocean.

In the center of their campus you can find a set of statues honoring Eastern Mystics, including an honor to Lao Zi, (my hand is on his head below) the father of the Yin-Yang philosophy. You and I are familiar with the "yin-yang" symbol.

So this university promotes the false religions of Eastern mystics to their students and is also known for their experimentations on aborted babies. They have a huge research center for all kinds of studies in human reproduction.

Project Truth is meant to be there, shining the Light into their atrocities.

The students were actually open to dialogue with our teams and we had great discussions with these misguided kids.
Below, Pastor James set up right outside the "School of Humanities."
We continue to hear students tell us that "we are not like they expected us to be." When we inquire what the student means by that, the student says that we are reasonable and know what we are talking about. So much for trusting the media and professors.
Above, Tanya has a challenging conversation with a Brainiac as Pastor Cook's son, Kendall, listens to the great answers Tanya gives to the young man.

Below, Tim gets the student to rethink his liberal views.
Below, Frank is a Southern California saint who goes onto campuses, setting up a table with Gospel tracts and our brochures. He hung out with us for the week and had some great opportunities.
We often hear "People like you don't come on our campus." That seems to make us a curiosity for dialogue. It would be so cool to have regular visits by Christians with a bold message in the walkways of the campuses. The Lord said, "Go into the highways and byways." In plain English, "Get out there so the lost can see you and be the light."
Cal State Fullerton is a busy place with large groups of lost souls. We handed out over a thousand brochures on that campus.
Below, is a short 3-minute clip of a partial conversation I had with a student claiming that he lives his life "in the gray" and doesn't take a position on abortion.

Our team listens to students' many self-defeating arguments and we follow God's Word by "tearing down their strongholds" first, then inserting truth into their lives.

The student claims that "there are no absolutes" and I lovingly lead him out of his shallow thinking stronghold. His facial expressions are priceless.
The last time we were on the Cal Poly Pomona campus the students were zombies. This time we had many good moments with interested students.
Below, Annie has these students visiting from a high school listening very intently. An extra blessing for us is when high schoolers are visiting a college and walk by our display. Sometimes the chaperones tell them not to look, but they look anyway. Other teachers allow the kids to talk to us.
Below, Ethan is criticized for being a man and not having a say in the matter. He told the girls to go over to one of our women counselors and see if they say the same thing he was saying about abortion...and if the team member does say the same thing, then why can't he have a voice?

The girls went over to Annie where she tore "down their stronghold"...and Annie confirmed the reality that abortion is a human life issue, not a man/woman issue.
It is always a great encouragement when a student is pumped about our visit to their college. There is so little or no Christian voice making a splash among the liberal bastions in our universities. We love giving hope to the ones who feel alone on their campuses.

Edgar, below left, is a rising warrior in the college outreach program and loves talking about our Savior and the path of Life. This student was excited that we were on his campus.

We have our Go Pros on constantly which allows us to capture some good moments.
February 12-15  4 College Blitz -UCLA, Fullerton, UC Irvine, Cal Poly 
February 21-22 Sac State University
February 26-28 Santa Rosa College, Sonoma State
March 11-12 De Anza College 
March 18-19 Cal State Hayward
April 1-2  Los Medanos College
April 8-9  UC Davis
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