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San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Lake Tahoe

Project Truth's summer outreach focused on the places where the crowds can be found and the weather is cooler. California is known for its beautiful landscapes. Millions of visitors from around the world come here to experience our paradise.

What they aren't prepared for is the reminder that these California gems have dark secrets that must be exposed and confronted.

Ephesians 5:11-14 says, "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them...everything exposed by the light becomes visible."

Our first stop was the Embarcadero, downtown San Francisco. We had great conversations and challenged people from as far away as Jerusalem, Iran, Columbia, Siberia and Washington DC.

It's the mission field coming to us!

In the above photo I love to get a captive audience every time the light turns red.

It seems like people and their pets are more open to dialogue these days as Andrew found out, below.

Tanya found the locals were intrigued and some were friendlier than normal.

We were joined by Andrew and his Washington team, Tiny Heartbeats. He and his buddy Lucas have done a great job of training up warriors.

San Francisco continues to collapse under the weight of humanism. My heart aches for those walking around like zombies. God says they are "dead in their trespasses" and you can see it in their eyes. We pray they will read our information and be "transformed by the renewing of their minds." We love the conversations so we can "put pebbles of truth in their shoes.

From San Francisco we travel south to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Dr. "Why?" I'm glad you asked, because this is a good story.

I was contacted by my fellow warrior Tim, from the Survivors abolitionist team.

He told me that the third trimester abortion center in Washington DC had contracted with an abortion mill on Wilshire in Beverly Hills and was building a state of the art killing center where they would advertise abortions up to birth, thanks to the voter approval of Prop 1 by Californians. That's right. The Prop 1 promoters told us that the Prop would not make abortion legal through ALL nine months...BUT we were lied to...Surprise, surprise.

Tim wanted to do a month long rally outside the abortion mill on Wilshire where they were doing the construction for the new third trimester wing.

Of course, Project Truth and other pro-life groups said let's go expose the darkness.

Part of the plan was to go to the Beverly Hills City Council and Rodeo Drive crowds to challenge them about their embrace of third trimester abortions in their elite part of the world.

Most people are uncomfortable with later abortions and we didn't know how much till we took our message to the streets.

Above, this spot is the epicenter of the wealthy, where they drive Rolls Royce SUVs. I didn't even know there was such a thing. It is also a tourist destination and Rodeo Drive's fame is known worldwide.

We were respectful to the people shopping and gawking at the expensive world around them. The main street corner was a great place to lift up my voice to ask the locals if they knew that only a few blocks from their shopping center mecca, a third trimester killing place was being built?

Needless to say, our message got the attention of the police and the Beverly Hills mayor.

Above, the police and some business owners came out to have a chat. The police were professional and great. Even the business owners were respectful.

Then something really cool happened.

The mayor asked for a meeting with us. The mayor looked further into the permits that allowed the abortion center to build. He found out the abortionist had not been completely honest with the city and the construction was stopped!

If you would like a more complete, surprisingly fair article in the LA Times about this victory I have linked it below.

What got us started for that week was our rally outside the abortion mill on Wilshire Blvd where the new killing place will be built.

We set up our victim photos and handed out information to the businesses in the area and people walking by in the neighborhood. Below, the team set up right outside to inform the other tenants what was going to be built in their high-rise. Some of the people going in were disturbed that such a place could exist.

Above, Ethan went across the street to catch those in the neighborhood walking by. Below, abolitionists AJ and his wife Lori, try to reason with some locals who are trying to justify child sacrifice in America.

Below, all of of sudden we realized that on that Monday morning the killing center had just exterminated a child. The terrible assistant just puts the wounded woman in an Uber and sends her off into the darkness.

There are no Christians out in front of this abortion center each week babies are killed. Please pray that I can find some believers in that part of So. Cal. who will be burdened to try to rescue the mommies and their children from this place.

Surprisingly, we had many people agree with us and we were thankful for the openness of the passers-by. Pastor James enjoyed the witness he could be on Rodeo Drive.

The victim photos we show speak volumes to those walking by. Many can't help but want to talk to us and express their views. Our teams are ready to correct their emotionally shallow ideas and infuse God's truth into their lives.

This is where I believe you will find Christians who follow the command to "go into all the world." The people we speak with will never be the same and can never say to God, "we didn't know."

The photo above is why we go into the world to share the truth. I pray this couple and the guy behind them will be forever changed and read the Gospel message in our brochure. "How will they know without a preacher?" I am sure they did not plan to find God on Rodeo Drive that day. I love this picture!

Our Next Stop Lake Tahoe

Did you know that over 15 million people visit Lake Tahoe every year. I love Lake Tahoe and our team travels up the mountain during the Celebrity Golf tournament in July. We are joined by the Galt Bible Church youth group, who are there to practice sharing the Gospel with the fifteen million people that seem to all visit on that weekend.

We again had a great outreach enhanced by two wonderful families who allowed us to use their summer homes for lodging and rest. A MAJOR blessing in one of the most expensive places to visit.

A smiling team is what you want at the end of a day of laboring in the harvest fields for Christ.

Outside the golf course, the youth group handed out many tracts to the thousands of people going in to enjoy one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

It was a great outreach in Tahoe and some changed lives. Some Christians came up to thank us for our boldness and said they were really moved by the message. A few traveling pastors expressed their thanks for seeing a witness in this part of the world.

We didn't do all those outreaches, one right after the other. It was all over a month's time. I am forever grateful to the support team, prayer warriors and the team of abolitionists who faithfully make this ministry work.

The Lord is honored in our labor for the Cause of the Kingdom.

Here is our upcoming Fall College Tour beginning in a few weeks. Please remember to pray for our Project Truth Team as we go into a very hostile secular college world.

August 28-29---College of San Mateo

September 11-14---Cal State Monterey and Peninsula JC

September 18-19---UC Merced

September 25-26---Cal State Stanislaus Turlock

October 2-5---Boise State Idaho and Southern Idaho College

October 17-18---Diablo College

October 23-24---Chico State

October 30-31-Nov 1 UNR Reno and Truckee Meadows

Thank you for standing with me

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