Babies Saved...Lives Changed
It took three of our team members to reach into the consciences of this couple, but finally they responded to the message and saved their baby. Then the husband said, "Please let's get a picture and when the baby is born we will come by and celebrate with you." Remember these two precious souls in your prayers as our team continues the relationship to bring them to the Cross and the real Jesus.
Speaking of Muslims, below is a shortened clip of my witness to a man named Mohammed. Go figure. I was walking through Balboa Park in San Diego and came upon their display. You can see in the background the words on their canopy "Jesus was a Muslim." So I presented to this lost young man the reality of the Jesus of the Book.
Washington and Oregon Tour
Above is Andrew. Project Truth and Created Equal have invested in this young man who lives in Washington and has a huge passion for the spiritually difficult Northwest. He started an abolitionist ministry called Tiny Heartbeats and is now fulltime going to abortion centers and colleges with the Gospel and the abolition of abortion message.

I am thankful for his vision and the time we have spent with him to establish a ministry up north.

Our Project Truth warriors just got back from two weeks in the Seattle and Portland area with Andrew, doing training and engaging college and high school students on the campuses which are open unlike California.

We avoided the Antifa demons and had great moments standing up for righteousness at University of Washington, Central Washington State, University of Oregon and Oregon State.
Our teams prepared to spend the day on the University of Washington campus in the large quad called "Red Square." This is a beautiful campus with a gigantic George Washington statue and majestic old buildings nearby.

You could feel the dark spirit enveloping the grounds and as soon as we set foot in the quad a demon-possessed woman approached and began cursing and threatening us. She told Hannah that she was going to break Hannah's nose and then kill her.

It was right out of Scripture the evil coming from inside this woman.

Pray this woman, below, is set free from the demons controlling her through the blood of Jesus Christ that Hannah told her about.
We knew we had come to the right place for shining the light among the students. After contacting the police to stop her threats, we didn't see her the rest of the day because they made her leave the campus.

Normally it takes an hour or more before college students began to speak to us about our displays and engage our team. But almost right away the conversations began. A few students whispered to us that we were the most brave Christians they had ever met, wondering if we knew where we were. It was going to be a great day.
When preparing for this trip, it concerned us how the police would conduct themselves in the Seattle area. Throughout the whole two weeks the police were great and protected us from some nasty people. We even had our own police escort to our vehicles each day we left the Oregon campuses.

Above, the police moved in to stop a few students from successfully stealing our signs. Hannah thanked the police for their professionalism.
Some students seemed more open to challenge the truth we brought to the campuses. I'm not sure how much the two-year China flu attack has caused this, but people are troubled by all that is going on in the world. Bernard, above, clearly presents the Gospel to point them in the right direction.
That is the Washington Library in the background, a pronounced backdrop for the knowledge and information we were on the campus to give that day as Carol and Donna tell the students how to find the Way.
It seems many of the students have never heard truth before and their one-liners were lacking in logic and reason. More than once, during a conversation, a student would tell us to stop using the word "baby' and claim the proper word is "fetus." At that moment our team members are trained to challenge the student to look up the word "fetus" on Google and find out what the Latin word "fetus" means. As we pause in the conversation to wait for the all-knowing student to google the word, the student sheepishly reads out loud, "a human baby" and then gets quiet.

This happens all day long on every campus while the students regurgitate soundbites from their professors. These are good learning moments.
The team traveled east to Central Washington, thinking the more conservative students moved east. But not so.

Another beautiful campus, but many students didn't want to have us on "their" campus.
One such one-liner used on us most days is "You're a man, you have no uterus, so no say." We have several responses that tear down those silly words so we can get to the deeper truths.

Sometimes, our men team members say, "Why are you assuming my gender?" Unfortunately, the student will apologize, which is sad. Then we point out that a woman cannot get pregnant without a man, so men have a vested responsibility in the life of that pre-born baby. And then we remind the misguided student that it was nine "men" who opened the door for women to kill their children, and some women didn't have a problem with that decision. Lastly, we clarify that the abortion issue is a "human life" issue. We also point them to one of our women warriors and offer for them to talk to a woman if that will help them accept the truth.

After dismantling the student's weak statement, it is now possible to infuse truth into their lives.
As we headed towards Oregon, a visit to the Capitol in Olympia was in order. The governor in Washington is a Marxist and has that state under siege. The churches there have a laborious task to change the hearts of the Washingtonians. I was born in Seattle, but my parents raised me in Northern California. That could mean something for hope.

There were a few times our big banners were set up on the overpasses in Washington and Oregon, reaching tens of thousands of people.
Then into Oregon
Nathan, above, is a young man fresh out of high school and is a member of Galt Bible Church. He wanted to join us on the Northwest Tour. I don't think he knew how tough it would be standing for Christ in such a hostile environment, but he did GREAT for the two weeks of battle. I came over to stand with him as the crowd pushed closer to challenge us and listen to our answers. I am very proud of his commitment to Christ.
Below, at University of Oregon, the woman on the left came over and said, "You're an old white man and I've got a question for you." I nicely said to her that I would not talk to a racist and bigot. She laughed and looked at the other girls and snarkily said, "He thinks I am a racist," then looked at me and asked how I thought she was a racist? I pointed out that she walked over to me and mocked the color of my skin as a disqualification for speaking out. Then she made fun of me being a man and old. "That is racist and bigoted."
People who are on the left side of life don't want to be held by the same standards they want to impose on us. We must point out their hypocrisy.

I refused to talk to her and the other students did stay and ask good questions but didn't resort to racist tones. Often those mouthy students will then stand in the background and listen. That's what we want anyway.
Often at colleges we get a lone rebel who puts up a sign like the one below. But often they don't get close enough to us for the sign to make sense. So Hannah felt sorry for the goofy guy.
At the end of the day we had a small parade of students who wanted to say goodbye to us. Below, they followed us to our vans and waved as we left. Such nice people. Our team treated them with respect and love, knowing they will never be able to say, "I did not know."
Big praises go out to the fellow believers we met along the way. I did a training at one church in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Before the training, we went to the morning worship of the church called Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, Washington. There I found a thriving church that refused to close during the COVID attack and had a pro-life display in the foyer of the church. Then the pastor walked the congregation through the "Way of the Master" witnessing presentation. That is the one Project Truth uses on the campuses.

And the pastor attended the training. Who are these people?

What a refreshing visit to this alive church in the heart of Washington.

As a reminder of who we are to be, there was an eagle nesting right above our lodging in Washington. I woke up one morning to see the eagle bring a fish into the nest.

What a great Creator is He.
Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, And the strength of salvation; the fear of the Lord is His treasure.
Thank you for standing with me
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