Never in my lifetime?
I really believed overturning Roe v Wade would not happen in my lifetime, if ever. This is a miracle decision that President Trump was involved in for our country. What a history lesson for the ages!

What will be lost in all of this is the powerful reasoning and logic that the justices used in the GREAT correction of an earlier Court's 1973 debacle. Very few people will take the time to read the opinions. I will be securing all of the written opinions of the justices and will enjoy going through the pages to glean from their deep clarity in the process.

I have read a little so far and am fascinated by Justice Alito's wisdom. It will be a rich historical document to read.

Now we will face years of battle to overcome the resistance in liberal states attempting to secure child sacrifice in places like California.

I have already heard that abortion centers in states where abortion is now illegal are NOT obeying the law. These will be difficult times for pro-life people to work through in defending babies being killed in their cities.

What will pro-life people do?

The battle is heating up. Government officials are calling for violence and hatred towards us.
"But God..." 44 times in Scripture
A few weeks ago I held in my arms a newborn little gift from God.

Several months ago I was outside one of the sacrifice centers, pleading with the handful of women rushing past me to make their appointments with the clinic. One of the women going in seemed to ignore me as she quickly pulled the door to close behind her.

What I didn't know, but found out over lunch recently with her and this precious angel, was that she sat down in the abortion center lobby and said to herself, "That guy outside 'yelling' at me to save my baby is right...they are killing babies in here today and I'm here to kill my baby." She told me that for an hour she struggled to get up and walk out, and then finally got the strength to leave.

Right after her baby was born, she drove by the other abortion center to find "that guy who asked her "not to kill her baby."

I was out of town that day, and the sidewalk counselors got her phone number.

We have come alongside this sweet mommy and her baby girl with a lifetime of friendship and love. She is a sharp young woman in her 20's and I have no doubt a solid future in Christ, in spite of the obstacles.

The photo above is of another precious baby saved about the same time outside PP. Two lives rescued.
"My flesh and my heart may fail, BUT GOD is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26
Below, this woman approached our team and thanked us for standing outside the Planned Parenthood center. She shared that years ago she entered that PP center for a pregnancy test. After the test confirmed her pregnancy, the workers told her that she should have an abortion and that "she would not be a good mother."

It bothered her that they would be so cruel, so she walked out of the PP center and gave birth to this smiling little girl.

That proud mother told us she is a great mom and loves her daughter with all her heart.
Pray for our warriors as we continue to challenge people out and about in the marketplace. Some people are pretty testy. Our team is going on a mission into downtown San Francisco in a few weeks.

We are also preparing to restart the college outreach at the end of next month.

So much turmoil going on in the world. A great time to be ambassadors of Christ.
Thank you for standing with me
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