Pandora's Box Seems Wide Open
So where should followers of Christ be found while Pandora's Box is releasing its troubles in our world?

Here are our Marching Orders:

"Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves...Matthew 10:16...If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small...Proverbs 24:10...Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter...Proverbs24:11...Go into all the world and preach the Gospel...Mark 16:15."
Our Project Truth team did not have to go too far for encounters with Pandora's victims. San Diego is a great place to witness and we set our sights on San Diego State with the Earth Day Celebration thrown in for an extra adventure.

Balboa Park is fast becoming my favorite spot to relive Paul's missionary outreach in Athens in the Book of Acts.

It was great to see a handful of other believers from the San Diego area making that day one of their regular outreaches too.

The despicable offerings to the gods of this world were everywhere booths could be set up. Below, Ethan reluctantly poses in front of the Hare Krishna booth where the brain-fried followers of this dangerous cult were singing hymns of worship to demons.
I found one of the organizers of this weird display of people and gave him a tract to read. He actually said thank you. There were other believers witnessing to the "Hare followers" and pointing them to the real Messiah.

Earlier, we came upon the nudist booth (below), but the promoters of the program were dressed, and the guy behind the table told me he is a Christian. He told me that God was good with being naked. I looked a bit perplexed and asked him why God put clothes on the first people if naked was ok? The nudie promoter didn't like me challenging his ideas and said, "It's all how one interprets the Bible, which was written by men."

One simple Biblical question was all it took to find out where this lost soul is really coming from. I shared with him that God put clothes on people because we had brought sin into the world and needed God's provision.

Then something really strange happened. The guy started getting shaky and his eyes started to flitter as he told me to leave because he was troubled by my presence and spirit. "I'm going to call the police if you don't leave," he said with a scared voice.

One of our team members, Carol, told me that I was not being mean to him and that it looked like he was possessed by a demon as he freaked out. I decided to move on and let the truth of what we proclaimed to him sink into his soul.

But this would not be the only demonic encounter we would have. A few booths further down the path we came upon the "tree-hugger" display and a nice older woman offered us some of her propaganda. I asked her about the claim she was making that global warming was causing all the forest fires.

My question was, "It is my understanding that almost all the forest fires have been man-caused fires and poor management of God's creation." She actually agreed that my observation was right, but that she wanted me to know that she was a scientist for 40 years and knew a lot more about this subject than I did.

I wasn't sure what she was getting at and observed her beginning to twitch and get physically edgy. She told me to leave and I realized this Earth Day was grounded in Satan worship, not being responsible keepers of God's creation.

Donna was with me at that moment and as we walked away, Donna noticed that the demon spirit in her was real and creepy.

Now, I'm a Baptist and not into all the "demons under every rock" stuff, but over my lifetime of ministry, the demons are under a lot of the rocks. Our team has had too many encounters with the darkness hovering over people.

We had a good time at the Earth Day, learning what is really behind the celebration. The most disturbing aspect of the day was seeing all the parents who were taking their small children to each of the displays...God save us!

I did have to cover some of the nudist poster for good reason.
On to San Diego State
A famous university, San Diego State is a bastion of liberal students. The few conservative students attending were thrilled by our visit and a few joined us in taking on their classmates. The good students told us they are harrassed constantly and bullied by most of the liberal students and it is tough to take a stand there. We were a big encouragement to them for the two days we were shining our lights.

Once the students saw we would not be yelling at them and could have a civil dialogue, many gathered around to hear our message. There were some crazies there and at times we were threatened, but the administrators and police stepped in and handled things pretty well but not great.
"Retired" couple Ed and Donna Hopper (above and below photos) continue to travel with us and engage students with the Gospel and be a crucial part of our team. Age is not an issue; truth in love is the issue for outreach.
AJ and his wife Lori (above and below photo, Lori is on the right) are very effective in presenting the truth about abortion.
Above, Tanya is our newest rookie Project Truther. She stepped onto the San Diego campus quad and told us later she was hooked and made for this ministry. She did a great job of taking on the students.
Nathan and Alexia, above and below, are local San Diegoites and have been great hosts to Project Truth. They faithfully try to rescue babies and be warriors in So Cal. We appreciate having them along when we are down south.
Thousands of San Diego State students for two days were impacted by our displays and many good conversations were going on throughout the time in the quad. Carol, below, is a registered nurse who carries some authority with her background, so students are interested in her thinking. Bernard, above, always makes clear the Gospel to interested students.

One of our favorite one-liners is telling a student that they sound like a science-denier when they use the phrase, "It's not a human or baby yet." All science textbooks present the preborn as humans and the foolish soundbites of the pro-abortion crowd fall apart when we challenge the common ideas that have kept abortion legal. Our "science-denier" claim is very effective at silencing the opposition with their own words.

While in San Diego our team attended the great ministry of Dr. Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain Church. Dr. Jeremiah was not there, but the guest speaker was FANTASTIC. One of the best messages I've ever heard. I've included the link for his message and hope you will take the time to be charged by this powerful message from God's Word.
As you know the highest earthly Court will possibly correct the corrupt Court's 1973 decision to open the door for child sacrifice. Unfortunately, they will not complete the task of protecting the pre-born children by declaring their protection under the Constitution. That will come years from now, if ever. It appears the decision will only correctly state that the "right" to abortion is NOT in the Constitution.

If this happens each State will make their own laws concerning abortion.

Government officials have called for violence and unrest towards those who stand for the babies, calling for a "Summer of Rage." Not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound good. We are seeing more hatred towards us at abortion centers, yet not too much more.

After the decision is publicly announced, if it is in the baby's favor, we will see what happens on the streets. Our team understands the risks and are preparing our minds for whatever the cost, knowing that 62 million babies have already paid the ultimate cost.

Pray for confidence, boldness and wisdom during this potential time of upheaval in our nation. What a great time to be alive for the Savior.

Our sidewalk counselors continue to rescue babies and I will be having lunch with some of the happy mommies tomorrow.
Thank you for standing with me
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