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Cave Creek Canyon
In September, 2014 Hurricane Odile struck the Chiricahua Mountains.  Most of us here had never seen anything like it.  it rained, and rained, and rained.  Over 5" fell overnight in Portal and probably double that or more in the higher elevations.  Incredible damage was inflicted, especially on the So. Fork Cave Creek drainage.

(Sept. 2014 by Cecil Williams)
The South Fork Rd. is one the most popular bird watching areas in all of the Southwest and the nation.  The road closing precluded many from visiting and others from easily enjoying the area.

Almost 14 months to the day that the road was closed, we had  the opportunity to personally re-open the road on Saturday, Nov.22, 2015.  Ironically, we were some of the very last people to be on the road immediately after the hurricane -  we had to get out quickly!

It was an honor to re-open this incredible area to more people.  Please enjoy and drive carefully in this special, special area.
                            Mike and Cecil Williams and Ron Kaczor [center].


Cave Creek Canyon
Forest Service Visitor Center

 With the support of volunteers and Ron Kaczor Friends of Cave Creek Canyon and the Forest Service have arranged to have the Forest Service Visitor Center opened most weekends through the end of the year.

    We are planning on having the Center open at least 3 days/week through all of 2016.

Are you interested in volunteering at least one or more days [9 am - 4 pm] per month in 2016?  If so please contact Reed Peters at 520-558-1045 or

The Sublime Fall Colors of the Chiricahuas

3 By 

These 2 by Steve Wolfe

4 Images By Cecil Williams

Above By Susan Mittelstadt

Editor's Favorite [after his wife's]
Image by Steve Wolfe

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Cave C reek Canyon-Revealing the Heart of the Arizona Chiricahua Mountains

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