Q4 2022

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One of the driving forces behind the Great Hall Project is enhancing security by moving the TSA checkpoints from Level 5 to Level 6 in the terminal. The new checkpoints will include advanced technology that will create a more efficient security process for our passengers.

Over the last several months, tremendous progress has been made on the first security checkpoint that will be in the northwest corner of Level 6. This new checkpoint will be complete in Q1 2024, at which time the existing North Security Checkpoint will permanently close. 

To make room for the new checkpoint, over 20 airlines were relocated from the north end of Level 6 to the south end. This process included relocating tickets counters, technology services, baggage services offices, baggage sortation and baggage make-up areas (area where outbound luggage is sorted for delivery to the aircraft) on Level 3. Basically, all airline operations from check-in to baggage had to be relocated in a timely and efficient manner while minimally impacting operations.

The airline relocations took over a year of planning and coordination with airline partners, contractors and numerous airport stakeholders. The relocations were completed in early October.

By relocating the ticket counters, the construction team was able to begin demolition of the space and start the initial build out of the new checkpoint.

In addition to demolition and build out of the new security checkpoint, significant progress was made on the new triple escalator visible on the north side of Level 5 in the arrivals area. This new escalator will provide easy and efficient access for passengers to move from Level 6 to the train platform on Level 4 once they have made it through security.

Over the last few months, concrete and steel reinforcement work was completed and key escalator components were installed. Click here for a video showing how construction is progressing. Large-scale renderings of the final escalator are also mounted on the construction walls on Level 5 in the center of the terminal in the arrivals area.

Conceptual rendering of new triple escalator coming from Level 6, through Level 5 in the center of Jeppesen Terminal and down to the Level 4 train platform as part of the Great Hall Project.


DEN reached another milestone in the Great Hall Project this quarter by initiating construction of the East Security Checkpoint on Level 6. This second new checkpoint will mirror the one on the west side and will further enhance the security screening process and provide the capacity needed for DEN to serve 100 million annual passengers in the next 8-10 years.

To accommodate all these improvements, additional construction walls have been installed in the northeast area of the terminal on Levels 5 and 6. As a result, there is currently one pathway on the east side of Level 6 that takes passengers and employees to the north end of the terminal including to A-Bridge Security. A-Bridge Security is not accessible from the west side of Level 6. Follow signage or ask a customer service agent or ambassador for assistance.

Conceptual rendering of post-security checkpoint, Level 6 north end of terminal .

All security checkpoints will remain operational during construction and there will always be a corridor open to access the north end of the terminal and A-Bridge Security.

Over the next couple of months, crews will begin demolition of the old ticket counters in preparation for the build out of the new security checkpoint.

The new Level 6 East Security Checkpoint is scheduled to be complete in mid-2026 at which time the existing South Security Checkpoint and A-Bridge Security will be permanently closed. Passengers will still be able to walk to Concourse A after they go through either the East or West Security Checkpoints on Level 6.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make progress on the new security checkpoints!


In addition to improving the terminal, the Great Hall Project is also building the Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation (CEEA), a first-of-its-kind training center that will help create a pipeline of aviation talent in Denver and provide under-represented communities and young people with opportunities for future careers in aviation.

DEN aims to be the home of aviation innovation and talent, and with the conception of CEEA, it is one step closer. Located within 66,000 square feet of space on Level 4 of the Hotel and Transit Center, CEEA will be easily accessible to the RTD A-Line commuter rail to downtown Denver.

The focal point of the space will be the Hall of Equity, which will accommodate 300 people for training and educational purposes. Other adjacent lecture halls and training rooms will accommodate another 200-300 people. There will also be a pre-function and lobby space with a small café for networking and small group meetings.

“CEEA will be the industry model for developing aviation talent. We are committed to providing under-represented people and businesses opportunities to enter the aviation industry and grow into the leaders of the future,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “Through CEEA and our robust programming, we will provide current and future employees the training and tools they need to have a successful career in aviation while helping our small and minority-owned businesses partners grow and thrive.”

CEEA is being designed by Studio Completiva, a minority-owned firm, which was awarded the design contract through Stantec. Sky Blue Builders is the Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) general contractor for the project. Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2023.

Hall of Equity - Large conference space


Pre-function Space

CEEA Training and Development Opportunities

While the new CEEA facility is being constructed, DEN has already developed and implemented some of the programming. Take a look at what’s available today and what’s to come in the future. Learn more at https://flydenver.com/ceea.

  • Business Development Training Academy: A program that provides small businesses the training and support they need to grow and thrive at DEN. Specifically, the program will provide a systematic approach to entering DEN as a subcontractor in construction, professional services, goods and services, and concessions. Approximately 30 business owners have already completed and graduated from the program as part of the inaugural session held this fall
  • Career Pathways: A program that creates a pipeline of aviation talent through a progressive training model that will attract and retain the current and future workforce. There are many opportunities for students to get involved including DEN Academy, internships, tours and much more. In addition, there are training and development opportunities for our current workforce aimed at building the farm team for the aviation industry
  • Research and Innovation Lab: The lab will be located in the CEEA space and will allow DEN to partner with local universities to conduct aviation research, identify best practices and adapt new and existing technology systems to innovate the aviation industry. We intend to seek out speakers and lecturers focused on presenting current and future aviation trends


2022 was a busy year at DEN, especially for the Great Hall Project! As we continue to renovate the terminal in preparation for 100 million annual passengers, here is a look at everything the project team accomplished this year!

  • Closed the northwest area of Level 6 to complete the full build out of the new Level 6 West Security Checkpoint that is on schedule for completion in Q1 2024
  • Completed the Phase 2 structural steel contractual milestone approximately one week ahead of schedule
  • Completed the curbside escalator on the west side of the terminal near the United check-in area and reinstalled one of two gargoyles in DEN’s art collection
  • Started construction of the new triple escalator that will take passengers from post-security on Level 6 to the train on Level 4
  • Constructed temporary ticket counters at the south end of Level 6 and relocated 20 airlines to this new area
  • Received approval from the Denver City Council for the $1.3 billion Great Hall Completion, which will construct the second security checkpoint on Level 6, new ticket lobbies for the remaining airlines and new meeter/greeter areas on Level 5 south and international arrivals
  • Started construction on the second security checkpoint that will be located on Level 6 East. This work marked the beginning of the Great Hall Completion. This security checkpoint is scheduled to be complete in mid-2026
  • Started the design of the Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation and unveiled conceptual renderings
  • Selected Studio Completiva to be the Minority/Woman-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) designer of the Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation (CEEA) and Sky Blue Builders to be the M/WBE general contractor

M/WBE Participation on the Project

Total Outreach Events Hosted by Hensel Phelps = 458

  • M/WBE = 193
  • Workforce = 265

Hensel Phelps Apprentice % = 7.9% or 90,786 hours

*Through Oct. 31, 2022


Take a look at some of the highlights the Great Hall Project accomplished in 2022 with these before and after photos of key project elements!


DEN is home to many amazing people, places and things, one of them being Michael Cloud. Michael was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota, but he also had the opportunity to call South Dakota, Montana, Colorado and even Kuwait home before finding his place at DEN.

The Great Hall Project is excited to welcome Michael as the new Senior Director of Special Projects. As the Senior Director of Special Projects, Michael works alongside DEN Special Project Senior Vice President Michael Sheehan to lead the team and keep the project focused on the business objectives and goals of the Great Hall Project and the airport. More specifically, his job is to ensure the project is completed safely, on time and within budget.

Micheal Cloud, Senior Director of Special Projects at Denver International Airport

Michael recently transitioned to his current role and brings a wealth of knowledge about engineering and the airport with him. After graduating from Colorado State University in 2009, he joined the airport as a consultant for two years overseeing Quality Assurance Inspection on the A-East and C-East apron projects that expanded the area where aircrafts are parked and maintained. Michael then joined the City and County of Denver and has been at DEN for the last decade, most recently serving as the Director of Infrastructure where he managed significant projects on Peña Blvd. as well as the 7th runway environmental study.

Michael is looking forward to working with a “talented and vibrant team of professionals to deliver an inspiring program such as the Great Hall.” His favorite part of the project? Being part of a program where he’s able to see the results of the team’s hard work on such a large and complex initiative.

While Michael always dreamed of becoming an engineer like his father, he didn’t plan to work in aviation. In fact, he thought he would work in the golf industry! During his 12 years at the airport, Michael has come to love the dynamic environment and diverse workforce. He shares that a career in aviation, while not the original goal, has provided exceptional opportunities for growth, experience and education.

With his experience in the aviation industry in his back pocket, Michael encourages those looking for an aviation career to keep an open mind because there are so many opportunities to explore different outlets and programs that fit their career goals. His main advice is, “work hard and doors will open.”


With over 20 years as a project manager and engineer, Mina McCullom took a brave leap of faith in 2011 and started her own company. SynEnergy is a Denver-based Mechanical/Electrical engineering (MEP) firm. It is a leading provider of MEP design services and computational fluid dynamic analysis with energy efficiency as one of their main goals.


SynEnergy is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) that started as a subcontractor with firms and is now the Prime of an Architectural/Engineering SBE On-Call contract with a full team of SBE firms.

The firm started with four employees and now has 16 working on some of the biggest construction projects at DEN. SynEnergy has worked on more than 20 projects at DEN in the past eight years including the Great Hall Project, the Gate Expansion Program and AMEX Centurion Lounge. 

Mina McCullom (right), owner of SynEnergy, with DEN Chief Executive Officer, Phil Washington (left) interviewing with 9News

Currently, SynEnergy is the Engineer of Record (EOR) for DEN’s new Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation (CEEA) as part of the Great Hall Project. CEEA will help create opportunities for underserved communities and prepare current and future employees for a career in aviation. Mina had the opportunity to highlight CEEA on 9News with DEN CEO Phil Washington.


Mina is one of seven CEOs selected by Van Jones for the Green For All Business Council with Dream.org, an organization that helps increase opportunities for people of color in the sustainability and engineering field. She has made it her mission to help create a pipeline for Black and Brown university students to explore opportunities in a space in where minorities are historically underrepresented.


Mina believes her success at DEN is because of her experience running large projects in the aerospace industry (she’s literally a rocket scientist!). Mina led a team of software, electrical and mechanical engineers to develop a tool that monitors energy consumption and power generation on military bases. 

“Working at DEN has given me the opportunity to utilize both my leadership skillset by priming architectural/engineering contracts and my mechanical engineering background as the Engineer of Record on the Great Hall Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation project,” said Mina.  



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