Q1 2024

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New West Security Checkpoint Now Open

Nearly two months ago, Denver International Airport (DEN) opened the first of two new state-of-the-art security checkpoints. The West Security Checkpoint located on the northwest end of Level 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal officially opened to travelers on February 6. The checkpoint was completed ahead of schedule and under budget as part of Phase 2 of the Great Hall Program.

West Security Checkpoint Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - From left to right; Former Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Congresswoman Yadira Caraveo, DEN CEO Phil Washington, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Colorado Governor Jared Polis and TSA Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator for Security Operations Steve Lorincz

Passengers can find the West Checkpoint adjacent to United’s ticketing/check-in lobby. To be dropped off closest to the checkpoint, look for doors 600-606. The West Security Checkpoint operates from 4 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. daily and provides access at three separate entrances defined by the following traveler groups:

  • West Security 1 (located behind the United ticketing/check-in lobby): This entrance is for standard screening passengers, which makes up most DEN passengers.
  • West Security 2 (located near Door 606): This entrance is for Restricted Access, which consists of various groups, including:
  • DEN Reserve – make reservation here
  • Premium/Premier Access
  • Accessibility and Functional Needs
  • Military
  • West Security 3 (located near Door 600): This entrance is for TSA PreCheck passengers as well as CLEAR customers with TSA PreCheck.

New Level 6 West Security Checkpoint

The West Security Checkpoint features 17 new screening with advanced technology for a more efficient screening processing. Features of the new equipment include:

  • Multiple passengers may place their items in bins simultaneously to help expedite the process
  • Enhanced technology allows passengers to leave items like liquids and laptops in their bags
  • Automatic diversion of any carry-on bag that may contain a prohibited item, allows other travelers’ belongings to continue through the screening process uninterrupted
  • Automatic bin returns to the front of the line with bigger bins to fit more items and larger bags
  • Unique Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to each bin, allowing for additional accountability of a traveler’s carry-on property as they move through the security screening process
  • Cameras that capture photographic images of the contents of each bin and are linked side-by-side to the X-ray image of a carry-on bag’s contents


With the new technology, the journey through the checkpoint will be a little different than what passengers have experienced at DEN. Watch a video to learn more about how the new lanes work. Additionally, we have included a few tips below for passengers using the new West Security Checkpoint for the first time:

  • Have your driver’s license or passport in hand when approaching the document checker.
  • As you approach a lane, look for an open station (each lane has three stations) where you can prepare your items for screening.
  • All items, including suitcases, backpacks, roller bags, etc., must be placed in a bin. If needed, use more than one bin for your personal items.
  • Place lighter items, such as jackets, at the bottom of the bin to maximize space.
  • All passengers can leave their liquids and gels (3.4 oz. or less) as well as electronics in their carry-on bags, even if they do not have TSA PreCheck.
  • Do NOT take the bin off the belt once you are ready to retrieve your items. The bins will automatically return to the front of the line for the next passenger.


Now that the new checkpoint is operational, DEN has officially closed the Level 5 North Security Checkpoint, but the South and Bridge Security checkpoints are still open for passengers. You can see live wait time and view checkpoint operations hours at FlyDenver.com.

Focus Turns to the Construction of East Security Checkpoint 

Now that the West Security Checkpoint is open to passengers, the focus has turned to the construction of the East Security Checkpoint, which is scheduled to be completed in Q3/Q4 2025. This second new state-of-the-art checkpoint will also consist of 17 new screening lanes with the same screening technology as the West Security Checkpoint. Additionally, four new elevators will be constructed as well as additional escalators and stairs that will help move screened passengers from Level 6 to the train platform.

Before the new checkpoint can be completed, the Level 6 east balcony must be extended approximately 40 feet. This extension will provide the additional space needed for the full checkpoint. As a result, the following closures and impacts are now in place:


Some of DEN's elevators and escalators are closed for construction

The escalators that were located on north end of Level 6 near the entrance to the A-Bridge are permanently closed. Additionally, the elevator at the north end is closed but will be modernized and return to service in late 2025. In the meantime, passengers can use the elevators and escalators near the Southwest Airlines check-in area located between doors 605 and 607. Passengers can also use the elevators on the west side near door 600.


The area around the old North Security Checkpoint is now closed

With the opening of the West Security Checkpoint, the North Security Checkpoint on Level 5 has permanently closed. This area is now behind construction walls so the new elevators can be constructed, as well as a bridge that connects the East and West checkpoints and provides escalators and stairs to Level 5. While the East Security Checkpoint will be complete by the end of 2025, the center area will be completed in Q1 2026.

Jeppesen Terminal Map, Level 5 and Level 6

The Baggage Claim Refresh Underway

Early this year, we kicked off the Baggage Claim Refresh Project, which replaces flooring, lighting, ceilings and wall panels around all the baggage claims on Level 5. This work is being completed in phases to help minimize impacts to airlines and passengers.

Throughout construction, various baggage claims will be closed for construction and signage will be in place to help direct passengers to the open baggage claims. As the work is being done in small phases, the entire baggage refresh project will be completed by mid-2026.

Conceptual rendering of finished baggage claim area

Level 5 Floor Replacement

In addition to the work taking place around the baggage claims, new flooring in the north end of the terminal on Level 5 is also being installed. To once again minimize impacts to operations, the work is being completed in small phases on both the east and west side. This work will be ongoing through late 2025.

Mod 1 West, Level 5, Door 500 flooring replacement completion

Employee Spotlight – Jon Martin

The general contractor for the Great Hall Program is Hensel Phelps (HP), which has a dedicated superintendent for each project within the program. This quarter, we highlight Jon Martin, Project Superintendent for the East Security Checkpoint and the associated work in the old North Security Checkpoint.

Jon was no stranger to airports before coming to work on the Great Hall Program, and his exhaustive work ethic, calm demeanor and problem-solving abilities made him the perfect fit.

Jon says, “You’ve got to put in the effort to get any success in return. Some days are grueling and frustrating, but it also feels good to stand back and watch a plan come together. Most people think construction is just about building, but it’s much more. It’s about generating a well-thought-out plan, keeping the project team safe, growing careers, and making friendships and memories.”

Jon graduated with a degree in Building Construction Management from The University of Wisconsin Platteville, not far from the small farm outside of Bloomington, Wis., where he grew up and had his first job detasseling corn (a job he says he would not recommend). In 2010, he was hired as an intern with HP and was later brought on full-time in 2011.

This brought him far from Wisconsin to Southern California, where he was given his first project in the construction industry at a hospital. As he grew within HP, Jon gained several years of airport construction experience at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where he worked on numerous terminal remodeling projects.

Seeking new experiences and opportunities, Jon and his wife, Christina, moved to Colorado. In July 2022, Jon’s adventures at DEN began, and he dove right in. Since then, Jon has been hard at work facilitating the construction of the new Level 6 East Security Checkpoint and decommissioning of the old North Security Checkpoint. He says he is most excited to be a part of the Great Hall Program, building something that will help passengers for many years to come.

At DEN, it’s the emphasis Jon puts on forming worthwhile relationships that makes him an irreplaceable member of the program.

Outside of his day-to-day activities at DEN, Jon and his wife of over four years enjoy spending their time camping, hiking, going to rodeos and finding new local spots when they are not cooking and spending time with their cat, Fiona.

Disadvantaged, Small, Women-Owned Business Enterprise (DBE/ SBE/ WBE) Spotlight: Gallun Snow Interior Design

Holding an essential role in curating the passenger experience at DEN, Gallun Snow aims to “make the airport journey a more memorable and less stressful experience.” As Colorado’s first women-owned design firm employee cooperative, Gallun Snow is a people-first organization with a history at DEN, queuing them up perfectly to support the Baggage Refresh Project’s interior design efforts. Since joining the DEN team in 2011 to collaborate on the South Terminal Redevelopment Program, Gallun Snow has found roles in the Concourse Expansion Projects and now the Great Hall Program.

Founded in Denver in 1988 by Lisa Gallun and Margie Snow, July marks their 36th year as a firm. Their team is now 14 strong, with 12 designers and two administrative team members. As a full-service interior design firm, they participate in all phases of design, from programming through construction administration. Their work specializes in aviation, government, community, healthcare, learning and worship.

Gallun Snow DEN Project Team - From left to right; Kirsty Ferguson, NCIDQ, LEED AP, associate principal, Caitlin Bullock, NCIDQ, LEED AP, WELL AP, senior principal, Renee Choksey, designer

“As designers, we have an essential role in curating the passenger experience, from the airport entrance to their gate and all spaces in-between."

With their involvement in several special projects within the airport’s portfolio, it seems fitting that their favorite thing about working at DEN is “being part of a team that is transforming the landscape of DEN and advancing the airport design to support the Vision 100 goals.”

DEN’s Vision 100 goals also support Gallun Snow – with a community of other small, women and minority-owned businesses, Gallun Snow has been able to build long-lasting relationships and make a difference in the community. While working as a WBE/SBE/DBE may be a big responsibility to undertake, Gallun Snow’s advice is to “align yourselves with great teammates and make sure you have fun along the way!”

Photos of the Quarter

Photo 1: Newly opened Level 6 West Security Checkpoint; Photo 2: Level 5, east side baggage claim area under construction for refresh activities; Photo 3: Old North Security area demolition progress; Photo 4: Level 6 East Security Checkpoint construction progress

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