The Rev. Jason Shelby
Joy and Gratitude!
Shrove Tuesday was wonderful! We had upwards of 20 people at the service in the chapel, and easily twice that number at the pancake supper. The congregation came together and created a delicious and hearty meal, complete with Mardi Gras decorations, pancake races, and fabulous prizes.

Our Ash Wednesday services went very well too. It was a true joy to see the chapel full of people at both services. We even had to print more bulletins for the noon day service, which is always a joyous problem to have. 
Where is your heart?
Jennifer and I thought we had pared down our belongings; I might have even thought, privately, that I was becoming a minimalist. But packing for our cross-country move showed just how un-minimalistic I was, or rather, I am. 

There are twelve unopened boxes in my office right now, all of them full of books, knick-knacks and keepsakes that I couldn’t bear to part with. I like my stuff, and nearly everything I have at this point has some memory attached to it. They have become totems that bring to mind people or events. Owning things isn’t bad, and Jesus never says it is. What’s bad is our attachment to things, and prioritizing things/objects over people. 
At this point in my life I have everything that I need, but not necessarily everything I want. I’ve found that when I want something - an object - what I really want is to feel connected to the world around me. When I’m with friends, my family, or in church, I’m not thinking about the Lego set I would like or the clergy-casual outfits I’d like to create, because I’m present to what’s going on around me. 
It’s when I’m by myself, bored, or sad that buying Chuck Taylors and black jeans seems like a great idea. If I give thanks for all the people in my life, and write down my blessings, my urge to buy things goes away, and it usually leads to me reaching out to someone - to making a connection, and building/maintaining a relationship. “For where your treasure is, there your heart is too.” I want my heart to be with Jesus, which means it needs to be with His people…and we are all His people. 

Rector, St. Francis Episcopal Church

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Lent Has Begun
Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, which culminates in the arrival of Holy Week, and our glorious celebration of Easter which is on Sunday April 9 this year.
Picture of someone eating at a Lenten supper
Lenten Supper series
March 8, 15, 22, and 29, Parish Hall. 
Supper 5:30pm, program 6:15pm, finish with Compline at 7pm.
Rev. Jason will be leading our Lenten Series this year!
More details to come on the above, but as is our tradition, our Friars (mens’ group) will be preparing a delicious home-made supper. Each week a different chef from the group takes the lead!
Free childcare will be available from 6pm to the end of the evening.
Lenten Devotional
It's not too late to read or pick up a print copy of our much-loved Parish Lenten Devotional! Entirely written by members of our church community, there is a devotional for each day in Lent, based on the lectionary scriptures of the day. Click here to download your copy.

Sundays - Holy Communion
8:00 a.m. - Rite I in-person worship in the Chapel, with hymns. This service is not live-streamed.

10:00 a.m. - Rite II in-person worship in the main church with music. Live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube, and available for watching later.

Please contact Kristina Pelá to arrange for a Lay Eucharistic Minister to safely bring you communion.

Yoga with Jill!
A spiritual mind and body practice!
  • Mondays 11:15am - 1:00pm - Level 1/2 Hatha Yoga
  • Wednesdays 9:00-10:30am Level 1 Gentle Yoga
Parish Hall. No set fees - classes are free-will offering. Questions? Jill Fenske

Thursdays from 9:30-10:30am in our church sanctuary; masks optional. Please join us for meditation, followed by a time of conversation.
Contact - Susie Zimmerman
Coffee Hour Ministry
It's quick and easy to sign up - just pick a day. More than one person or household can sign up on the same day, so you don't have to be on your own.
  • We'll show you what to do.
  • We reimburse expenses.
Sunday School

Bring your children to Sunday School for our wonderful Montessori-based, Godly Play curriculum.
Godly Play makes meaning through story, wonder, and play. Nurturing spiritual lives by honoring the centrality, competency, and capacity of children. You and your children will be blessed by these teachings.
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