Grandmothers Healing Haka® 



Ko wai tatou

kotahitanga tātou ki te tukupū?

Who are we truly,

if we are one with the cosmos?



dear Healing Haka friends and family

Greetings to you from Brüttelen, our home in Switzerland.

We are already half way through this magical year with miraculous Healing Haka events, which we like to share with you.

Another lot of wonderful opportunities for divine connection

through Healing Haka are still coming your way.

Some of these you find at the end of this Newsletter.

We are exited to meeting you again this year and continue the journey!

Tihei wa mauri ora!

Impressions from


4 April, 20h

accompanied by

Ojasvin & Waimaania

organised by Lovlie et le Megarama

Lons-le-Saugnier, France

12 April, 20h

accompanied by

Ojasvin & Waimaania

organised by Soul'nSpirit

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

 Next Sacred Journey Aotearoa 29 January - 8 February 2025

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Iho Tane

Healing Haka Seminar for men

Hine Ahi

Healing Haka Seminar for women

10-12 May 

Graubünden, Switzerland

Iho Tane the essence of man

We met from 10 to 12 May in the Pfrundstall in Tomils Graubünden Switzerland to immerse ourselves together in the world of TANE.

What began in 2014 with a small group of men in Graubünden as a men's day with HAKA is now IHO TANE. For the 10th anniversary we were a nice group of men young and young at heart.

We were proud to welcome the youth of 14 years and 19 years into our circle and let them travel with us into the world of TANE. We were able to welcome participants from all over Europe as a small guest group in the welcome ritual at the location. Led by Ojasvin, we practised the HAKA "IHO TANE" as if from one mould, a strong vibration between us right from the start, which brought the group together from the beginning and a close heart connection could already be felt after the greeting.

Ojasvin introduced the group to the IHO TANE in his wonderful way with the help of rhythm, singing and movement, so that we were able to dance it together in the group in the evening at the fine meeting with HINE AHI.

Energetic exercises, singing and immersion in the ancient knowledge of Maori culture combined with our Celtic and Christian roots showed us once again the magic of life and our inner strength and vigour.

Saturday evening a powerful fire ritual (Ahikaa) and on Sunday, as we have done for 10 years, the water ritual at the Waiora mountain stream, this time with all the gifts we received from HINE AHI and gave back to the water. We felt the power of the water within us and allowed ourselves to be touched with a fine cleansing ritual.

The use of the Mau Rakau (Staff of the Light Warrior) impressed the younger ones in particular and they asked to continue. Their voices became powerful, their gait upright and their eyes shone.

As always, the delicacies that the men from around the world brought with them and prepared for us were a delight for the palate.

My goal is to return to everyday life strengthened and energised and to take IHO TANE with me and live it, and there is still Raven Spirit and Haute-Savoie this year. I will be there. And next year again here for the 11th time.


Thomas Rosner


Hine Ahi - Women's work

Everything happens in life for our own good. I had to be patient for 20 years until my wish came true and I was able to experience a spiritual seminar together with my husband. I wanted to walk the path to awakening,

joy and peace together as a couple.

HINE AHI the women's seminar by Waimaania and the men's seminar IHO TANE by Ojasvin brought us to Switzerland this May on the same weekend, closer to ourselves and deeper into our relationship as a couple.

Once we arrived together, we went our separate ways. I was with the women at the HINE AHI seminar and my husband drove 5km further to the IHO TANE.

In wonderful feminine security, care and appreciation, the women and I met in a circle, sharing stories that shape life, learning the expressive HAKA dance, deeply emotional ceremonies and cooking and eating together,

we shared a lot with each other.   


Many things touched me deeply. One of these was the Powhiri, the men's welcoming ceremony. We women were invited. I hadn't seen or heard my husband for 24 hours. I was excited, like on my first date. We women were welcomed with pure joy, devotion and love. I felt like an important, valuable person that everyone was waiting for. I sensed a shyness in myself and in my husband, but also an inner sincere strength.

My heart was warm, joyful and filled with pride. Singing, eating and the sacred fire ceremony together, we merged into a strong community. This lively togetherness was my discovery after a long search.

The male and female separated again for a few hours, over the night, to celebrate an enchanting water ceremony the next morning. To feel like a beautiful powerful being of creation, to happily enjoy all the fullness of life and most of all to be worth it is the great gift of HINE AHI and IHO TANE.

I could describe to you so many more experiences from my heart that testify to my infinite gratitude for this very precious work of Waimaania and Ojasvin.

One last thing: On our journey home from Switzerland, in a quiet moment, my husband said to me: "Anja, I honor you."

"Frank I honor and respect you", I said.

What a healing path.

Thank you

Your Anja

Healing Haka Nights

24 April, 29 May, 26 June 2024 19.30-21.30h

Offene Kirche St. Gallen, Switzerland

In the middle of the city of St. Gallen, in the Offenen Kirche we rounded our 4 nights of Healing Haka with a lovely group of singing and dancing Healing Haka enjoyers.

We enjoyed together the new Haka Ora Healing Haka, Tenei au with dance, rhythm and Tirakau.

Thank you to Simone and Christian for calling us to spend this magic time together!

Next 2 Healing Haka Nights in St.Gallen:

4 Sept, 6 Nov Information & Registration

Hine Ahi - Maori Spirit Frauenhaka-Tag

14 April 2024

 By Raven Spirit, Lenzburg, Schweiz

We were going deep to find out more about the feminine essence,

our place in life, our divine connection.

It's a place of peace and a place to be the way we are in movement, meditation, song, ritual and sharing.

Next Hine Ahi in the Raven-Spirit 8 Sept. & 24 Nov. 2024

Karangaio Healing Haka Seminar

with Ojasvin&Waimaania

27-30 June 24

Lüneburger Heide, Germany

13 - a divine number, under which the number of participants gathered this weekend in the magical Lüneburger Heide in northern Germany.

Following the Karanga Io, the call of Io, we were greeted by thunder and lightning amidst the heavenly roar of the natural elements and washed up in our wakas on the seminar beach at Inzmühlen.

What we experienced there was a weekend with a special depth, protected by primordial trees, a powerful environment and the starry glow of

Waimaania & Ojasvin.

We were able to experience primal knowledge, we were able to connect with cosmic and earthly wisdom and felt carried and safe in the circle of our ancestors.

Thank you so much, dear Waimaania, dear Ojasvin for your being and your work.

This weekend had a great impact on us and also on the world outside.

Karanga Io.

The call went far and it is being answered.

We all still feeling it.

Kia Ora!



with Waimaania, supported by Ojasvin

26-28 April, 26-28 April

Jura, Switzerland

This sacred work is so deep and transformative. Its beyond the Conchshell, it includes our self love, our relationship with ourself and the spiritual world.

To become a Conchshell guardian we are asked to look at those places within us and become whole again, connected, in oneness with creation.

Next Conchshell Seminar 8-10 November 2024

Festival de Chamanisme

in the presence of

Ojasvin, Waimaania and Taimana

1-4 May 2024

Domaine de 7 Vallons, France

View video

Maori School Project Week

inspired by Barbara

organised by Waimaania

held by

Ojasvin, Taimana, Barbara, Nicole, Sam, Waimaania


the whole Primary School

21-24 May 2024

Oberlunkhofen, Switzerland

The week was so fantastic that the whole school has decided to start their week as a collective every Monday morning with Haka and Songs.

We had a wonderful time and are grateful to all who have contributed to it

To read the article in German

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Iho Tane Man Healing Haka Day

9 June 2024

Raven-Spirit, Lenzburg, Switzerland

Coming from a hectic everyday life, I immersed myself in another world at Iho Tane. The New Zealand songs and the movements of the Iho Tane Healing Haka flooded my head and body with a new energy. It was only at the end of the day that I realized that everyday thoughts had no connection points in this world and therefore had no opportunity to interfere throughout the day. The day was therefore very relaxing and refreshing for me.

Arohanui Alex

Next: Iho Tane 22 September

Pou Uira Healing Haka Seminar

14-16 June 2024

Luglon, West of France

Gratitude to Waimaania and Ojasvin for coming back to south-west France where a lovely heart-centered group was enthusiastic to learn, or deepen, the Pou Uira learning process. Ancestors from many parts of the world joined forces to celebrate on the fertile land cared for lovingly by Emmanuelle and Gilles, with the old barn renovated specially to honor this 2nd Grandmothers Healing Haka seminar.

Our sincere dedication to the spiritual guidance of Ojasvin and Waimaania was rewarded with a teaching that Ojasvin chose to give for the first time!

One of the many treasures we take home from this weekend was the fire ceremony on Sunday morning in a special tipi in the forest, where the men danced and sung in their fullest power, fueled by the women sending the most magnificent melodious encouragements : a weaving so strong that we were all in awe at the quality of the vibrations and depth of the love and gratitude that arose in our hearts.

Our stars were visibly shining bright into the world with our fervent wishes for Free Peace.

Next Pou Uira Seminar in Luglon (Landes) 27-29 June 2025

HRA Te Puawai Formation

17-21 April 2024

Domaine des 7 Vallons, France


31 May-2 June

Brüttelen, Switzerland

Our Haka Rongo Aio 3 Year Formation has closed year 2 and started their year 3 with a wonderful project of creation. Three Pou, Pillars with the meaning of Tika, Pono and Aroha, which were decorating the tent at the Shaman Festival. This was an exercise to go express the understanding of the learnt concepts.

On our weekend in Switzerland we worked on our voice, our expression into the world, our manifestation of who we truly are.

Step by step we are dancing our life into peaceful harmony.


There is a space for you

on our


3 Year Formation

TE PUTAKE / The Roots

"Dance your life into peaceful harmony"

May 2025 - March 2028

Guided by Ojasvin and Waimaania

Register here for detailed information


with Ojasvin and Waimaania

7 June 2024

Nidau, Switzerland

We had again a wonderful and deep Ceremony, where everyone was so touched and happy to be present.


in the presence of

Waimaania and Ojasvin

21-23 June 2024

Les Près-d'Orvin, Switzerland



8 September 2024

Raven Spirit, Switzerland

24 November 2024

Raven Spirit, Switzerland

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6-8 September 2024

Haute-Savoie, France

22 September 2024

Raven Spirit, Switzerland

Healing Haka &

Shamanic Drum Seminar

with Ojasvin and Waimaania

13-15 September

Klingenmühle, Märstetten, Switzerland

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Healing Haka Nights

with Ojasvin and Waimaania

4 September, 6 November

Offnene Kirche St.Gallen, Switzerland


Haka Ora Nights

with Ojasvin and Waimaania

3 September, 5 Nov, 20-22h

Zentrum der Fülle, Sirnach, Switzerland


Conchshell Seminar

by Waimaania

8-10 November 2024

Bern Region, Switzerland

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Uri Marama Toa Healing Haka Seminar
with Ojasvin & Waimaania

25-29 September 2024
Domaine des 7 Vallons, France

23-27 October 2024
Lenzwald, Polling, Germany

Pou Uira

Healing Haka Seminar

with Ojasvin and Waimaania

11-13 October 2024

Domaine de Sagnol, France

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9-12 August 2024

Wellness Retreat

Dunster, BC, Canada

Soulcentered Coaching Session
with Waimaania

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis
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