Grandmothers Healing Haka® 
Ka tūhono pai ki roto i a tatou ano
ka taea e tatou te mahi pai ki te Ao.

Being well centered within our selves
allows us to be well at service to the world.
dear Healing Haka friends and family

Greetings to you from Brüttelen, our home in Switzerland.
A new season of Healing Haka has started with some magical events, which we like to share with you.

Wonderful opportunities for connecting with yourself and the divine through Healing Haka are coming your way.
Some of these are presented at the end of this Newsletter.

We are looking forward to meeting you again this year!

Tihei wa mauri ora!
Registrations are NOW open for:

HAKA RONGO AIO 3 Year Formation
"Dance your life into peaceful harmony"

May 2025 - March 2028

Guided by Ojasvin and Waimaania
Online Presentation
Tuesday April 9, 20h-21.30h
28 January - 7 February
Te Tai Tokerau - Aotearoa - New Zealand
Magically organised and guided by Ojasvin and Waimaania
This journey was a multidimensional experience of beauty, joy, peace and love.
I set off in search of it and found it in my heart, thanks to the compassionate, attentive, appreciative, humorous and loving guidance and company of Waimaania & Ojasvin, the love and enthusiasm of their family and friends,
the strengthening and confidence-giving cohesion of the group
and the dignity and wisdom of Aotearoa.
What did I take home with me as a gift?
LOVE - I experience myself and the world around me in love, out of love for life. Courageously and gently I let go of heaviness and receive what I am - joy,
peace and harmony by being luminously simple.
Maioha dear whanau, dear global family!
Arohanui, Victoria
 Next Sacred Journey Aotearoa 29 January - 8 February 2025
IHO Tane
Healing Haka Seminar for men
23-25 February 
Haute-Savoie, France
I love these gatherings. They bring me inner strength, power and peace. The warm heartedness of the Iho Tane circle of men allows each one to find their inner core, the Iho!

It was so splendid to dance the Iho Tane haka together while the snow fell, It was liberating and inspiring to do fire and water ceremony among the trees nearby the river. And so It felt complete and rewarding for us to bring our nature from outside inside to create our magic designs of the Toi Tohu.


Next Iho Tane in Haut-Savoie:
6-8 September 2024 Download Flyer Here
Healing Haka Nights
27 March 2024 19.30-21.30h
Offene Kirche St. Gallen, Switzerland
Wow, it was so powerful to be together with a good size group in the Offenen Kirche St. Gallen, a wonderful space to dance and sing.

We started learning the new Haka Ora Healing Haka, sung and danced Tenei au and laughed alot.

Thank you to Simone and Christian again to weave this into reality
together with us.

Next 3 Healing Haka Nights in St.Gallen:
24 April, 29 May, 26 June. Information & Registration
8 March
Trogen, Switzerland
Welcoming spring with Maori Spirit and greetings from Aotearoa - New Zealand
in the Rössli in Trogen.

When we arrived in the little mountain village, there was still snow lying on the ground. People arrived from their busy week from all over Switzerland to farewell the winter and bring some warmth into the bones and hearts.

Slowly through the night the smiles became bigger, the movement smoother and the joy rose into happiness.

Thank you to Simone and Chrigel for the organisation in good spirit.
with Waimaania and Ojasvin
23-24 March
Nidau, Switzerland
The Spring Exquinox showed her dynamic weather at the Muramura Healing Haka Seminar in Nidau at the BaHa center. A very diverse group from different parts of Switzerland, Germany, France and Holland gathered to be tested by the cold rain, bright sun and strong wind.
While inside we prepared ourselves with drum rhythm, exercise, meditation and the transmission of the deep knowledge behind the Muramura Song and the Titaha Ahikaa Haka Dance.

On Sunday morning we went outside in the nature, honouring creation with a water and fire ceremony. Around the fire the group had ignited and the Wairua was felt. The Muramura flames moved and the Titaha Ahikaa Haka blaised with light'n fire.

We are excited to have the
Muramura & Titaha Ahikaa recordings out for download!
HRA Te Puawai
9 February 2024
Our Haka Rongo Aio 3 Year Formation is reaching soon the end of the 2nd year. During the winter months we gathered online to refresh the elements we learned, receive some new inputs and keep the connection of Te Puawai Whanau strong.

Now we are looking forward to meet again in person to dive into the artistic part of the formation with carving and painting of Maori Designs.


Raven Spirit, Switzerland

Rhodels, Switzerland

Thomils, Switzerland

Raven Spirit, Switzerland

Haute-Savoie, France

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accompanied by Ojasvin & Waimaania

12 April 2024
Biel, Switzerland
Festival de Chamanisme
in the presence of
Ojasvin, Waimaania and Taimana
1-4 May 2024
Domaine de 7 Vallons, France
Healing Haka Nights
with Ojasvin and Waimaania

24 April, 29 May, 26 June
Offnene Kirche St.Gallen, Switzerland
KarangaIO Healing Haka
with Ojasvin and Waimaania

27-30 June
Lüneburger Heide, Germany
Conchshell Seminar
by Waimaania

26-28 April 2024
Champ-du-Moulin, Switzerland

Booked out!
Uri Marama Toa Healing Haka Seminar
with Ojasvin & Waimaania

25-29 September 2024
Domaine des 7 Vallons, France

23-27 October 2024
Lenzwald, Polling, Germany
Pou Uira
Healing Haka Seminar
with Ojasvin and Waimaania

11-13 October 2024
Domaine de Sagnol, France
Soulcentered Coaching Session
with Waimaania

If you wish to live your life more happy and joyful out of your own center you are welcome to book a free trial session here

Quantum Healing Hypnosis
with Ojasvin

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