Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that Abraflex has joined the Gran Fondo Lake Huron team as the host of the Paisley Rest Stop! Cyclists on the 70k, 110k, and 160k routes will be thrilled to be welcomed to the Paisley Community Centre for a lovely rest stop with a beautiful view where the Saugeen and Teeswater rivers converge at the heart of the town. 

Cyclists stopping here can look forward to a fun and memorable stop as Abraflex has arranged for both a cheering squad as well as homemade butter tarts to fuel your way back home for the final stretch to Southampton.

As of 2017 Abraflex set up our full-time operations in Paisley, Ontario and supply the need for Personal Protective Equipment in the Nuclear Power Generation Industry, as well as the manufacture of Specialized Products. Click for more information

Every single fundraising dollar from this event goes towards medical equipment. All costs to put on the ride are covered through sponsorship and registration fees. Please continue to help us achieve our goal!

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