Vol.10, 2019
Graduate gets first job + Students & community + Celebrating Leticia + Upcoming Events
Dear Friends,

Fall is exciting when our students return to school. While some are in high school , others are in college or university. Many enter new schools they've dreamed of for years. Emotions run high, but we've got their back. Their deep motivation is knowing that education is the key to breaking cycles of poverty--and CdK is helping them get it.

As you'll see in the stories below, our work here is making a difference. Thanks to friends like you, we are changing lives, "one child at a time".

In gratitude,
Drew Vogt
Casa de Kids President/cofounder
Generosity is the only legitimate selfishness
Mario Benedetti

Recent CdK graduate secures his first job!
Pablo Aragon is the first in his family to graduate from college. In August we attended his graduation and he received a degree in Education. In September he landed his first teaching job at a local elementary school, and is now teaching a 4th grade class, ages 9-11. He's now on a path to independence!
Why Oaxaca? 
Oaxaca City is the capital of the state of Oaxaca (pronounced wah-ha-kah). While our state is famous for native and culinary arts, it ranks as the country's third poorest and has one of the highest illiteracy rates. Its mountainous terrain makes commerce and education difficult, attracting many seeking a better life to Oaxaca City.
Students & Community Involvement
Meet Montserrat Cruz... she is in her final year of Veterinary school at a local state university. She is only the second person in her family to receive a higher education.

During her busy schedule of classes, Montserrat interns at a local veterinary clinic helping animals in need. CdK assists her with finances and she's getting fantastic grades!

Congratulations to Leticia!
Another of our recent college graduates is Leticia Lopez . A native of Oaxaca, she was able to realize her dream of a college education by earning a degree in teaching. We attended her family's graduation dinner for her. Leticia, congratulations!

Fun Learning
This summer Casa de Kids hosted visiting friends from around the globe. While exploring scenic Oaxaca, some were able to interact with our 22 students.

To support their wholistic education, we hold bimonthly meetings which are designed to be fun and useful. One of our special guests was Estelle Shanley, Irish born, and a U.S resident. Estelle is a world renowned journalist, and presented a special class on Etiquette & Business Protocol. These are invaluable topics needed here, especially with the demographic we serve. The students loved it and finished off the evening with pizza!

Exciting Upcoming Events
First Day of the Dead Fest!
By Request: Our first ever, Day of the Dead themed fundraiser is November 1st, in Sarasota, Florida. This fun event will benefit our students and keep them in school. We will offer catered Mexican foods, drinks, an altar, and amazing Oaxacan art objects for silent auction, brought by Drew Vogt.

Casa de Kids recently earned the Bronze Seal of Transparency! This demonstrates our commitment to transparency while telling our real story. This seal indicates CdK has provided key information in our Nonprofit Profile.
Thanks to donors like you, our Giving Tuesday 2018 campaign was a fantastic success. This year's goal--coming soon!
To empower disadvantaged youth with education and life skills, enabling them to break cycles of poverty.
A world where youth are treated with respect and empowered through education, thriving in equality, integrity and freedom, creating the life of their dreams, while giving back to their community.
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