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May 15, 2024

For those who cannot worship with us in person access our live stream and recorded worship in its entirety here

Recorded sermons each Sunday can be accessed online here

Adult Education Hour - 9:15 a.m.

 Join us in Conference Room A at 9:15am this Sunday as we join in conversation on the intersection of our faith and society. 

Raise Right Orders are due THIS Sunday! Please visit to place your order or download the RaiseRight app to your phone. If you’re not yet enrolled in Raise Right we would LOVE to have you participate. It is a fundraising program based on the sale of gift cards. You purchase them as face value through Raise Right and Grace receives a predesignated percentage of your purchases. Nearly everything you can think of is available for purchase. Some popular ones are Target, Starbucks, Kwik Trip, Piggly Wiggly, Meijer, Sendicks, Home Depot, this list goes on and on. They make great teacher gifts and stocking stuffers and some are even reloadable online so you can fill up a card for a college kid that’s away from home. To sign up to fundraise for Grace just use the enrollment code B7BAC4F663645. I place the order the third Sunday of every month and the cards will be available for pick up the following Sunday. 

Please contact Chantal Murack at or 802-309-5081 with any questions. 



The Grace softball team has begun their season, and they'd love to have fans cheering them on! Here's the schedule for anybody who wants to check out any games!

Worship Volunteer Assignments

The week of 05/19/2024

Worship Volunteer Assignments

Prayers of celebration:

McKenna and Bret Lentz on the May 9th birth of their son, Theo.


Prayers of sympathy:

The Grace Grafton Family with the death of musician Peder Eide.


Pray for our members:

Susan Amrhein – Health & Healing

Bill and Kathy Bahrke – Health & Healing

Ralph Becker – Health & Healing

Sue Geier – Health & Healing

Jan Harris – Health & Healing

Jane Johnson – Health & Healing

Terri Mullens – Comfort & Healing

Steve Peltonen – Encouragement

Dale, Tori and Gunnar Saunders – Comfort & Healing


Pray for our family and friends:

Sharon Bowen (sister of John & Cindy Payne) – Health & Healing

Sharon Caulfield (friend of Vickie Sperber) – Strength & Support

Gloria Cmeyla (friend of Janet Sladky) - Health & Healing

Diane Cole (grandmother of Evan Buchman) - Comfort & Peace

Joan Eippert (mother of Chris Eippert & Heidi Martinez) – Health & Healing

Peder Eide (friend of Mary Korrison and many at Grace) – Health, Healing & Strength to Fight

Fallon and Family (friend of Kate Peterman) – Strength, Guidance & Healing

Donnie Hamm (friend of Jean & Tom Fugate) – Health & Healing

Herrmann Family (friend of Hope Schneider) – Guidance & Strength as their relative overcomes health issues

Lee Holle (father of Jeff Holle) – Health & Healing

Marlyn Kemnitz (brother of Donna Johnson) – Health, Healing & Strength

John Kennedy (friend of Brooke Napiwocki) – Health & Healing

Nancy Klaas (mother of Brandon Langer) – Health & Healing

Alex Koenitzer – Health & Healing

Len Lapacz (friend of Bob & Jeanne Dries) – Cancer

Bill Livesey (father of Kristin McGraw) - Health & Healing

Bill Paape (friend of Linda Lueck) – Health & Healing

The Robinson Family- with the passing of Chris (friend of Kathy Kehoe)- Comfort & Strength

Bob Sager (father of Sandy Luettgen) – Health & Healing

Doug Umbreight (uncle of Mark Peterman) – Health & Healing

The family of Bill Wernecke and his work family at Pegasus Partners(colleague and mentor of Brooke Napiwocki) on his unexpected passing

Mike Winter (brother of Cheryl Herboek & Sue Carlson) - Cancer

Elijah Vue (friend of the Beloin family) - Safe Return

George Zajicek (brother of Kathy Braun) – Health, Comfort & Strength


Pray for our members in nursing care, homebound or in assisted living:

Phyllis Barber

Janet Trapp


Pray for those serving in the U.S. Military:

Sgt. Matthew Wilkerson (son-in-law of Cindy Silverbrandt)

Seaman Matthew Kulczyski (grandson of Grace Smaxwill)

Register Today for Crossways Family Camps

Family is as you define it and you are welcome at our 3 Crossways Camps! Our programming is all-inclusive: meals, lodging, and quality, Christ-centered activities for all ages led by top-notch staff. Enjoy theme dinners, kayak our beautiful lakes, explore nature, and create life-long family memories. 


Family Camp Availability:

Family Camp (3-Night) at Pine Lake Camp: June 28 - July 1

Family Camp (3-Night) at Waypost: June 30 - July 3

Autism Community Family Camp (3-Night) at Imago Dei Village: June 30 - July 3

Family Camp (5-Night) at Imago Dei Village: July 28 - August 2

GrandKid / Family Camp (3-Night) at Pine Lake Camp: August 4 - 7

Available now in the Gathering Space for immediate purchase! 

  • complete the order form
  • include cash or check (payable to the Mt. Meru Coffee Project)
  • deposit in the slotted lock box provided
  • If you do not find the type of coffee you need, please complete an order form Regular, decaf, or flavored coffee sell for $12.00/12 oz. bag.
  • Drip and perk grinds as well as whole bean and single-serve cups are available. 
  • 4 lb. packages of regular or decaf drip or bean sell for $52.

Premium Peaberry This special premium coffee is richer and less acidic than normal coffee Drip Grind or Whole Bean sell for $18.00/12 oz. bag


6 Sample packages include Regular Drip, Peaberry, Hazelnut, Butter Pecan, French Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry @ $20.00

Doing Justice Has Never Tasted So Good

Grace Lutheran Church Financial Summary
We as a Church Council have decided in the spirit of continuous improvement and transparency to the congregation to begin publishing a summary of the church's financials on a monthly basis. We feel this is in everyone's best interest to be transparent and aligned upon the financial health of the church.

In these monthly reports, we will include:
  1. Income & Expense Results from the Most Recent Month
  2. Income & Expense Results on a Year-To-Date basis
  3. A Summary of Cash Balances
  4. A Summary of Debt Balances
  5. A Summary of Year-To-Date Giving vs. Prior Periods

We welcome any feedback or suggestions as we continue to find the best ways to engage with the congregation.

Thank you Thrivent Members!

Below are links to February & March 2024 financial documents that will tell you how you have impacted Grace Lutheran Church!

Click here to view March 2024 Financials
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