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July 3, 2024

For those who cannot worship with us in person access our live stream and recorded worship in its entirety here

Recorded sermons each Sunday can be accessed online here




As we head into summer, please note our summer office hours.

These hours will go into effect next week starting Monday July 1st.

*Also, as a reminder the office will be closed and there will be no evening worship service in light of July 4th holiday.


Dear people of Grace, I want to invite you to join me this summer for an opportunity for some one-on-one, family, or small group conversations. I believe deeply in the power of personal connection, and what better way to foster it than over a shared drink and good conversation. I’d love for an opportunity to meet and get to know you and your passion all the more.

Please sign up for a slot, and let's embark on this journey to get to know one another a little better. So that together we can strengthen the community of Grace.


Hello Grace Church,

Hope you have not forgotten us! We always need those sheets that are in usable condition, plain or pattern. We now have added bed pads to our list, also in usable condition. We need to have 300 or more quilts finished by fall so that we can supply the many organizations that depend on us for the persons they serve. We are behind this year! Give us a hand so we can work our fingers to the bone and supply those organizations as we have in the past.

If you have some time on your hands, check us out any Tuesday from 9:00 to noon. treats are always available.

Thank you for your past donations, money or other. they are so helpful to keep us creating quilts.

Patty Nichols, Diane Kiesow, Barb Wrolstad


 The crocheters from the Prayer Shawl Ministry have been very busy so far this year. To date, 101 shawls have been made and 81 have been given away – 46 to the Grafton Cancer Center, 10 to the Kenosha Homeless Shelter and 25 to Grace members! If you know of a Grace member in need of a prayer shawl, please contact Jean Fugate, Director of Ministries.

For summer, the group will meet just once per month. The next dates are July 9 and August 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Grace. Everyone is welcome to join us. If you have questions, feel free to contact Sherie Duwe at 262-377-6740, or Lori Mathias at 262-825-6632.

Available now in the Gathering Space for immediate purchase! 

  • complete the order form
  • include cash or check (payable to the Mt. Meru Coffee Project)
  • deposit in the slotted lock box provided
  • If you do not find the type of coffee you need, please complete an order form Regular, decaf, or flavored coffee sell for $12.00/12 oz. bag.
  • Drip and perk grinds as well as whole bean and single-serve cups are available. 
  • 4 lb. packages of regular or decaf drip or bean sell for $52.

Premium Peaberry This special premium coffee is richer and less acidic than normal coffee Drip Grind or Whole Bean sell for $18.00/12 oz. bag


6 Sample packages include Regular Drip, Peaberry, Hazelnut, Butter Pecan, French Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry @ $20.00

Doing Justice Has Never Tasted So Good


Worship Volunteer Assignments

The week of 07/07/2024

Worship Volunteer Assignments



Worship Volunteer Assignments

The week of 07/14/2024

Worship Volunteer Assignments


Prayers of sympathy:

The Erica Dimmett / Chris Utecht Family with the death of Erica’s father, Randy.


Pray for our members:

Susan Amrhein – Health & Healing

Bill and Kathy Bahrke – Health & Healing

Matt Beine – Health & Healing

Ralph Becker – Health & Healing

Sue Geier – Health & Healing

Kay Goethel – Health & Healing

Jan Harris – Health & Healing

Jane Johnson – Health & Healing

Terri Mullens – Comfort & Healing

Steve Peltonen – Encouragement

Dale, Tori and Gunnar Saunders – Comfort & Healing

Grace Smaxwill – Health & Healing


Pray for our family and friends:

Sharon Bowen (sister of John & Cindy Payne) – Health & Healing

Sharon Caulfield (friend of Vickie Sperber) – Strength & Support

Gloria Cmeyla (friend of Janet Sladky) - Health & Healing

Diane Cole (grandmother of Evan Buchman) - Comfort & Peace

Joan Eippert (mother of Chris Eippert & Heidi Martinez) – Health & Healing

Donnie Hamm (friend of Jean & Tom Fugate) – Health & Healing

Herrmann Family (friend of Hope Schneider) – Guidance & Strength as their relative overcomes health issues

Lee Holle (father of Jeff Holle) – Health & Healing

Julie Kemnitz (brother of Donna Johnson) – Comfort & Strength

Alex Koenitzer – Health & Healing

Len Lapacz (friend of Bob & Jeanne Dries) – Cancer

Bill Livesey (father of Kristin McGraw) - Health & Healing

Bill Paape (friend of Linda Lueck) – Health & Healing

Connie Roselius (sister of Mary Jozwiak) – Health & Healing

Jim Schwengel (friend of Bob & Jeanne Dries) - Health & Healing

Doug Umbreight (uncle of Mark Peterman) – Health & Healing

Mike Winter (brother of Cheryl Herboek & Sue Carlson) - Comfort & Healing

George Zajicek (brother of Kathy Braun) – Health, Comfort & Strength


Pray for our members in nursing care, homebound or in assisted living:

Phyllis Barber

Janet Trapp


Pray for those serving in the U.S. Military:

Sgt. Matthew Wilkerson (son-in-law of Cindy Silverbrandt)

Seaman Matthew Kulczyski (grandson of Grace Smaxwill)

All of those serving our country

Grace Lutheran Church Financial Summary
We as a Church Council have decided in the spirit of continuous improvement and transparency to the congregation to begin publishing a summary of the church's financials on a monthly basis. We feel this is in everyone's best interest to be transparent and aligned upon the financial health of the church.

In these monthly reports, we will include:
  1. Income & Expense Results from the Most Recent Month
  2. Income & Expense Results on a Year-To-Date basis
  3. A Summary of Cash Balances
  4. A Summary of Debt Balances
  5. A Summary of Year-To-Date Giving vs. Prior Periods

We welcome any feedback or suggestions as we continue to find the best ways to engage with the congregation.

Thank you Thrivent Members!

Below are links to February & March 2024 financial documents that will tell you how you have impacted Grace Lutheran Church!

Click here to view May 2024 Financials
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