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April 17, 2024

For those who cannot worship with us in person access our live stream and recorded worship in its entirety here

Recorded sermons each Sunday can be accessed online here

Education Hour - 9:15 a.m.

Join us in the Conference Room A at 9:15am this Sunday to learn more! 


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Have questions or need our organization’s enrollment code? Contact: Chantal Murack at


ALC Heads Back to the BEEach for annual benefit

Catch a wave and a word at our annual Spelling Bee benefit on Friday, May 3. This year’s theme is Back to the BEEach with a beach-themed buffet and desserts. Held at the Ozaukee Nonprofit Center from 6:00 to 9:30 pm, Back to the BEEach will help support our free tutoring programs. If you would like to join us for this fun-filled evening, visit to learn more.

Time & Talent for summer worship

Remember to complete the summertime and talent sheet and place it in the offering plate after worship! The deadline for that will be Monday, April 29, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. Names on the time and talent forms that have not signed up at that point will be placed in open slots. Any questions? Please contact Jean Fugate (


The Prayer Shawl Ministry group continues to meet on the first and third Thursdays at 7 p.m. Anyone who currently crochets or knits - and anyone who would love to learn to crochet - is welcome. The next meeting date for April is the 18th.

Besides continuing to supply shawls and prayers to Grace members as needed, 10 more shawls were recently donated to the Aurora Cance Center. They were very much appreciated. 


If you have any questions on this Ministry, you can contact either Sherie Duwe at 262-377-6740, or Lori Mathias at 262-825-6632.

In case you think we have left Grace, we are still here working our fingers to the bone every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to noon! Yes, we still need your sheets: twin, double, queen and king size.

We have a new request, and we hope you can help. Many church quilters in our area and around have been using bed pads in good, useable condition as fillers. Those pads would make nice warm quilts to the organizations where we donate. The bed pads would be the same size as the sheets we have asked you to donate.

Thanks for all of your donation in the past.

Grace Quilters

Grace Family and Friends,

Sheridan Gosselin is looking for our help!

“I am currently enrolled at MATC to become a Registered Dental Hygienist and we are responsible to find 45 of our own patients! 

* ages 3-12 = $30 

* ages 13+ = $40 

THIS IS A 1 TIME FEE PER SEMESTER and will INCLUDE all future appointments throughout the semester (yes, you may need to come back to see me for multiple appointments‼️) 

•I am in need of ages 3 and up, and patients who have OR have not been to the dentist in a long time (no judgements at all!). If you are interested or know anyone who are interested, please message me! 

Appointment includes

-Dental exam, x-rays, oral cancer screening, cleaning, polishing, calculus removal, fluoride treatment, and a goodie bag! 

I am especially looking for children under 12 years old to meet my requirements for this semester! 


700 W highland Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53233


• please reach out ASAP if you are interested or have any questions! 


Happy Spring! 

Want to do something different this Spring? Why not try yoga? There will be a 10 week yoga session at Grace on Monday evenings 6-7pm. Cost is $75. All levels are welcome. If interested, wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. 

Dates are as follows:

 April 22nd, 29th

 May 6th, 20th

June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Quehl at or 414.617.1135. 

Worship Volunteer Assignments

The week of 04/21/2024

Worship Volunteer Assignments

Worship Volunteer Assignments

The week of 04/28/2024

Worship Volunteer Assignments

Pray for our members:

Bill and Kathy Bahrke – Health & Healing

Ralph Becker – Health & Healing

Sue Geier – Health & Healing

Jan Harris – Health & Healing

Jane Johnson – Health & Healing

Terri Mullens – Comfort & Healing

Steve Peltonen – Encouragement

Dale, Tori and Gunnar Saunders – Comfort & Healing

Sandra Turbin – Health & Healing


Pray for our family and friends:

Sharon Bowen (sister of John & Cindy Payne) – Health & Healing

Susan Brozek (niece of Jan Jacque) - Health & Healing

Gloria Cmeyla (friend of Janet Sladky) - Health & Healing

Joan Eippert (mother of Chris Eippert & Heidi Martinez) – Health & Healing

Peder Eide (friend of Mary Korrison and many at Grace) – Health, Healing & Strength to Fight

Fallon and Family (friend of Kate Peterman) – Health & Healing

Herrmann Family (friend of Hope Schneider) – Guidance & Strength as their relative overcomes health issues

Lee Holle (father of Jeff Holle) – Health & Healing

John Kennedy (friend of Brooke Napiwocki) – Health & Healing

Nancy Klaas (mother of Brandon Langer) – Health & Healing

Alex Koenitzer – Health & Healing

Len Lapacz (friend of Bob & Jeanne Dries) – Cancer

Bill Livesey (father of Kristin McGraw) - Health & Healing

Candace Lussier (mother of Chantel Murack) – Health & Healing

Rob Mullens (husband of Terri Mullens) – Health & Healing

Bill Paape (friend of Linda Lueck) – Health & Healing

Chris Robinson (friend of Kathy Kehoe) – Health & Healing

Bob Sager (father of Sandy Luettgen) – Health & Healing

Carol Seyfert (sister of Jan Jacque) – Health & Healing

Doug Umbreight (uncle of Mark Peterman) – Health & Healing

The family of Bill Wernecke and his work family at Pegasus Partners(colleague and mentor of Brooke Napiwocki) on his unexpected passing

Dennis Wessel (brother of Trudi Biefeld) – Comfort & Acceptance

Mike Winter (brother of Cheryl Herboek & Sue Carlson) - Cancer

Elijah Vue (friend of the Beloin family) - Safe Return

George Zajicek (brother of Kathy Braun) – Health, Comfort & Strength


Pray for our members in nursing care, homebound or in assisted living:

Phyllis Barber

Janet Trapp


Pray for those serving in the U.S. Military:

Sgt. Matthew Wilkerson (son-in-law of Cindy Silverbrandt)

Seaman Matthew Kulczyski (grandson of Grace Smaxwill)

Chief Jennifer Kurneta (daughter of Richard & Charleen Breest)


Crossways Camping Ministries offers many different specialty camps this summer: Family Camp; Mini Artisans; Camp Jr.; Autism Community Family Camp; Self-Determination Camp and GrandKid Camp.  

GrandKid Camp has a 3-level approval. Grandkids love the chance to make memories and mischief with their grandparents. Grandparents treasure the intentional time together. Parents appreciate the empty house  - and hearing the stories and laughter afterward.

Of course, not all families are built the same, so consider this a specific invitation to nurture whatever relationship would benefit from the time away together. Grandkid Camp is at Pine Lake on August 4-7, 2024. Register today by clicking here!

Information on these specialty camps, as well as on-line registration, can be found at:

If you have any questions or would like more information on Crossways Camping Ministries, please contact Kim or Chris Beloin at or by phone at: 262-376-0259 (Congregational delegates to Crossways & Kim also serves on the Crossways Board of Directors)



Milton House Museum Tour and Lunch

MAY 10 AT 10 AM.


Learn the history of Milton House and how it helped the Underground Railroad along with the history of the years leading to the Civil War. Milton House Museum is Wisconsin’s only certified Underground Railroad site open to the public.

  • One hour guided tour (two levels and cellar with elevators)
  • Tour starts at 10 a.m.
  • $10 per person.
  • Lunch to follow at Café 26
  • Additional wine tasting adventure at Northleaf following lunch.
  • Tastings starting at $10 per person. (If wine is not your thing, they do have a tap room with beer selections.)

Please RSVP to Jan Ernst at by May 3.

For those that are going, I will send details of addresses of places we are going. Let me know if you are going on the tour and if you are also doing the wine tasting.

Jan and Dan Ernst

Available now in the Gathering Space for immediate purchase! 

  • complete the order form
  • include cash or check (payable to the Mt. Meru Coffee Project)
  • deposit in the slotted lock box provided
  • If you do not find the type of coffee you need, please complete an order form Regular, decaf, or flavored coffee sell for $12.00/12 oz. bag.
  • Drip and perk grinds as well as whole bean and single-serve cups are available. 
  • 4 lb. packages of regular or decaf drip or bean sell for $52.

Premium Peaberry This special premium coffee is richer and less acidic than normal coffee Drip Grind or Whole Bean sell for $18.00/12 oz. bag


6 Sample packages include Regular Drip, Peaberry, Hazelnut, Butter Pecan, French Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry @ $20.00

Doing Justice Has Never Tasted So Good

Grace Lutheran Church Financial Summary
We as a Church Council have decided in the spirit of continuous improvement and transparency to the congregation to begin publishing a summary of the church's financials on a monthly basis. We feel this is in everyone's best interest to be transparent and aligned upon the financial health of the church.

In these monthly reports, we will include:
  1. Income & Expense Results from the Most Recent Month
  2. Income & Expense Results on a Year-To-Date basis
  3. A Summary of Cash Balances
  4. A Summary of Debt Balances
  5. A Summary of Year-To-Date Giving vs. Prior Periods

We welcome any feedback or suggestions as we continue to find the best ways to engage with the congregation.

Thank you Thrivent Members!

Below are links to January 2024 financial documents that will tell you how you have impacted Grace Lutheran Church!

We hope to have the most current financials to you soon.

Click here to view January 2024 Financials
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