Governance IssuesTM
Volume 2021, No. 1
January 28, 2021
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Boardroom evaluations are a great opportunity that should not be overlooked as covered in our first article. The second article provides an overview of liquidation basis accounting, which unfortunately has had a resurgence lately. Let our authors know your thoughts.
Boards risk falling into the abyss of a 'status quo' environment by simply going through the motions without implementing a robust evaluation process.
I find it interesting that while there is no shortage of oversight scrutiny on management’s activities, the same cannot be said of the board’s activities. Boards need to lead by example and demonstrate that they are holding themselves accountable, just like any other part of the organization.
By Howard B. Levy, CPA
Liquidation is the process by which an entity converts its assets to cash or other assets and settles its obligations with creditors in anticipation of ceasing all operating activities. It may occur voluntarily (e.g., based on economic conditions), upon a specified event (as for a limited-life entity), or involuntarily [e.g., by an entity’s creditors, a court (as in bankruptcy), or other parties].
Liquidation basis of accounting differs from going-concern GAAP principally in that neither the use of the historical cost model nor the presentation of historical operating results, cash flows or a classified balance sheet are generally considered relevant.
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