Got Excellence?         

Yes and no provide the most obvious options to answers for questions ranging from "Does the car have gas?" to "Will the report be done by Friday?"   Or, as a parent, asking your son or daughter, "Have you cleaned your bedroom today?"    For program and project managers, looking at the dozens, if not hundreds of tasks they are coordinating, yes and no provide the most obvious answers to questions they might ask about each task being completed.   Such is the focus of Compliance Excellence.  The task is either complete or incomplete, pass or fail.   A part or component receives the quality stamp of "good" or "bad."   There are no "shades of gray" when it comes to Compliance Excellence.


In consideration of contextual awareness, do all affirmative replies deliver the same results?  Is there variation in how one cleans a bedroom room?   Or, in the spirit of Compliance Excellence, are the results identical?   While everyone who graduates from medical school is technically a doctor, are all doctors the same?  As with Second Lieutenants graduating from West Point, are they absolutely interchangeable or relatively interchangeable?   While an automobile "has gas" with both a full tank and a quarter of a tank, these volumes represent two of the infinitely different volumes of gas in the car, if one allows for decimal places.


In contrast to Compliance Excellence, Contextual Excellence divulges shades of gray and, thereby, provides utility in the ultimate use of interdependent parts, components, and tasks.   From building rocket engines to operating a city government, what opportunities could be revealed by managing the use of Compliance Excellence and Contextual Excellence, realizing the role of each?

If you are interested in advancing excellence in leadership and teamwork in industry, government, health care, or education, through thinking together about thinking, we invite you to join with peers at the In2:InThinking Network's 2015 Forum in Los Angeles, California, from June 10th through 14th, on the campus of Woodbury University.  This year, our ever timely focus will be;  


"Break the Mold: Aspire, Inspire, Achieve"

For more information, visit our 2015 Forum website or e-mail us at  Our Forum registration fee is now $400 for our Weekend Conference.   We also offer a $200 registration fee for full-time students.

If you are not able to attend our Weekend Conference, you are most welcome to attend any of our 15 Pre-Conference sessions, all free, with the exception of a $40 material fee for session N, What We're Learning About the Brain and a $15 fee for session O,  Self-Organizing the "Change Agent."   Webcasting is also an option; find details at this link


For the first time in our 14-year history, we are charging a daily fee of $10 to participate in the Pre-Conference sessions. This fee will help us to offset expenses for meals (Continental Breakfast and Lunch) and handouts associated with these sessions,


Registration Deadlines

Register by Monday, June 8th to attend any of our Pre-Conference sessions

Register by Saturday, June 13th to attend our Weekend Conference 


For a glimpse of the excitement we offer, link here for a photo montage from our 2012 Forum.   Link here for a complete list of our previous 2015 Forum UPDATES.  


In2:InThinking Network 2015 Forum Team 

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