Day 13

With all of the plant milk options available, it can be hard for a vegan newbie to know which to choose. Here are tips from the vegans here at VINE:

  • For maximum flexibility and neutrality, go with soymilk that has the fewest ingredients other than soybeans and water.

  • If you want the actual flavor of dairy milk, the closest is probably a pea-based milk, such as Ripple.

  • While most plant milks have a neutral flavor profile, some people can detect the coconut flavor in coconut milk, so you may not want to choose that unless you enjoy that flavor.

  • Oat milk is newly popular, and people tend to either love it or hate it.

  • Most plant milks are lightly sweetened, and many people like that for most purposes, but if you don't want that, then be sure to look for the word "unsweetened" on the label.

  • For baking, almond milk or another nut milk, such as macadamia or cashew, can add a nice roundness to the flavor of cakes, cookies, and muffins.

  • All plant milks are more environmentally sustainable than cow's milk or any other animal milk, but the most sustainable are soy, pea, and oat.

  • For your morning coffee, you might find that you prefer one of the plant-based creamers, which tend to be thicker than plant milks in the same way that cream is thicker than dairy milk.

But our biggest tip is: Try each of whichever are available at your local grocery store or food co-op and enjoy the process of trying new things. Don't buy them all at once -- that would be wasteful. Just try a new one each week, whenever you need to stock up on milk.

You can find a comprehensive guide to plant milks here.

Shout Out

Today's shoutout goes to our co-sponsor of the Veg2Veg Challenge, Afro-Vegan Society! Their mission is to offer information, resources and support to encourage and inspire people in marginalized communities to transition to vegan living. Follow AVS on Twitter and Instagram for a constant stream of information and inspiration. Read the AVS blog for a blend of thought-provoking commentary and mouth-watering recipes. Check out their guide to Black-owned vegan restaurants to find a fabulous eatery near you!

Further Inspiration

Did you know that there's a long tradition of racists using milk as a symbol of white supremacy. Take a deep dive into that disturbing history here.

Recipes of the Day

We're not the only ones in awe of the flexibility of soymilk. Try these soymilk-based recipes for Cool Vegan Cucumber Soup or Vegan Amaretto Cherry Ice Cream.

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