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 Come to TIG'S Fall Fundraiser

October 15, 2016
6-9 PM
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Paul Ramsey and Richard Coburn
500 W. 43rd St., Apt. 30E (10th Ave.)
New York City
$30 donation

Govinda's boat

Dear Friends of TIG,

We have lots of news this Fall, but before we get to that, please mark your calendar for our  Fall Fundraiser. Have fun while you are making an important contribution to the less fortunate. You can RSVP using the invitation to the right.
  • Varanasi has been hard hit by flooding. TIG sent emergency funds to help the families there.
  • The mother of one of our scholarship students in Delhi is currently in the hospital with dengue fever. This has been hitting India hard, and is very worrisome to us. It's yet another reminder of how precarious our families' lives are.
  • As reported in the last TIG News, Annu's surgery will go forward. The wonderful folks at the Children's Burn Foundation approved her case.
  • We are supporting 24 students, 5 more than last year ( 13 girls and 11 boys). The  children attend Catholic, Sikh, English medium, Hindu culture and Hindi medium schools.  We have children in nursery school through 12th grade.
  • The Oversight Group voted to send funds to repair Govinda's boat. We also provided kidney stone surgery for two members of our families as well as other healthcare. 
  • We have new members on the Oversight Group. We look forward to the new energy and ideas that will be coming from them.
Meantime, read the two reports to learn recent news of the families.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fundraiser!

The India Group

February TIG Delegation

Members of the 2016 TIG delegation take a boat ride on the Ganges.

" The good news is that all of the children are reported to be doing average to very well in school."  

Read the full report here.
TIG delegation greeted at Khajurajo airport
"I'm proud of giving healthcare
our families would never have dreamed of. We are lessening people's suffering."

-Paul Ramsey
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Summer follow-up report

" I'm glad we have the opportunity to meet with a ll the families, so we can help them understand the report cards because the parents, who are illiterate, have no idea what they are.  

"Chahat's mother gave me her 2014-15 report card when I asked to see her grades from last year.  She insisted that the '14-'15 card was the latest.  I told her I didn't think so.  When I returned to visit the family, she had found last year's card.  It's hard when you can't read and have entered your children into a society that does."

 -from the July 2016 visit

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TIG Mailbox

Here are some recent letters we have received.

 "The medicine problem was both not surprising and very surprising. But the fact that some children were given meds that were contraindicated--whether by the illness or by interaction with other drugs--was  very surprising!   These types of oversights by physicians are upsetting as they can be very dangerous, even life threatening! What can be done? 
I hope that someday I will be able to accompany the group when they go on the mission.  I was very disappointed this year when I could not."
Angela Romeo Molloy

"Nice-looking layout to this newsletter. I hope it gets circulated and brings in some new donations." 

"The efforts of the group are so complex and involved with aspects of life which most of us haven't experienced. When I read your report it's clear the thought you have put into conveying realities of each encounter and your concern to not be judgmental where it might be easy to be." 

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Greeting at Khajurajo.

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