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July 2021
You know how it goes with us---we usually take the summer off from too many “heavy” subjects but we do almost always include a little relevant housekeeping.

So, let’s get the tough stuff out of the way first:

HVAC Care: by now your system is working overtime all the time—and it will be several months before it gets a proper “break”. Your system is what gets you through the hot humid Florida summer—give it the attention it deserves. Change filters in timely manner, check your drain line and don’t push it past its limits.

Storm Season: we’re in it till November so we’re just out of the gate. If you haven’t already, we can’t stress enough the importance of anticipation/preparation in advance; we’ve written about this before but if you’d like any assistance from us re: checklists, etc., email marketing and remember the Jacksonville prep guide is on our website.

Holiday Safety: if grilling, know how to do so safely. If you have pets, remember they can be prone to heat stroke just out for a walk and a dog in the car in 95° heat is really in a 114° car (don’t do it!) and know your pets’ tolerance for fireworks!

Yeah, that was long. Now for the fun stuff….

Don’t forget Freedom Week starts today! (see below)

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Have a Safe & Happy Independence Day!
The FPM Properties Team