Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Initiative

Mission Green Project Update

Work has resumed on the Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Initiative. After locates (including Geo Field) were completed, we began excavating for the French drain under the pergola. The old concrete was removed, and the buried fuel oil barrel was excavated. The barrel was a big one! Nearly 6’ in diameter and 12.5’ long! The best part was that it had not leaked at all!

The excavated dirt was spread around the back lawn to fill the ruts caused by the semi-tractor that brought in the three large oak trees planted in the back lawn area this past week. 

The backyard will continue to be leveled with this dirt (it was rough and filled with many ruts). It will likely take all summer to get grass growing again.

The work will progress quickly with many stops and starts. It will take some time for each contractor to complete their portion to be ready for the next contractor. Now that the concrete piers are completed, the next step will be filling the French Drain materials and creating the permeable paver courtyard.

concrete piers for the solar pergola foundation

We hope to complete the entire project by the middle to late summer.

Jim and Liz Fritz

Mission Green LLC

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