Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Initiative

Mission Green Project Update

Project Completion

The backyard reconstruction project was completed this past week of November 6 - 10. The dirt areas were roto-tilled, dragged, and seeded. The pollinator prairie was also planted and covered with a jute mat. The mat will remain for several years and eventually decompose. It will help germination and also prevent damage from deer traffic.

While we can't stop the deer from tromping through the freshly hydro-seeded lawn areas, we ask everyone else to stay off the new seeding until the ground has frozen completely. We hope for moisture this winter and a gentle spring for ideal growing conditions. 

Now that the backyard reclamation and re-seeding are done, the Mission Green construction commitment to create the Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Initiative is 100% completed! 

Energy Production

The solar arrays have been generating lots of renewable electricity. We've already banked over 14,000 kWh via net metering. Unfortunately, we missed some prime solar collection time during the summer due to our changed project timeline. The courtyard solar canopy was only connected to the grid in late August. Because of this, Good Shepherd made reduced payments to Mission Green during the solar array's low production.

Mission Green Advocacy

As a Cool Congregation recipient, the Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Initiative has received much attention. The project is currently featured on the Interfaith Power and Light national website: as well as the Iowa Interfaith Power and Light website: 

Mission Green has also presented the Good Shepherd Church Carbon Neutral Project at multiple events. Here is what we've been doing!


8/15/23 Winneshiek Energy District presentation and Good Shepherd tour

9/1/23 Benji Nichols/Inspired podcast - Rhymes with Decorah:

10/7/23 Interfaith Power and Light tour of Good Shepherd Church

10/25/23 Interfaith Power and Light/UCC Church National Webinar - Holy Heat Pumps! webinar:

10/31/23 email correspondence w/John Wilkerson re: Holladay UCC, Holladay, Utah re: efforts to install heat pumps/solar

11/2/23 Zoom meeting with Eli Sadow-Hasenberg re: Oberlin UCC church heat pumps

11/4/23 Citizens Climate Lobby National Meeting Webinar - Presentation and Good Shepherd tour

11/6/23 interview with David Mitchel of KKFI radio in Kansas City, MO

11/8/23 Iowa Energy Summit: building innovation presentation for 50 energy industry attendees - sponsored by Iowa Economic Development Authority

11/9/23 Robert Wollenburg, building committee, Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran, NYC, reaching out for help with heat pumps

11/13/23 Zoom presentation & video of Good Shepherd Carbon Initiative project for NEIowa Citizen's Climate Lobby 

Jim's KKFI Radio interview will be broadcast live on Tuesday, November 14, at 6 pm. You may listen to it online via a computer or smartphone at, then hit the red "Listen Live" button. It's a streaming service and will be archived at some time following the live broadcast.

People are amazed at what we have accomplished together. It's a great model of success and motivates others.  Thanks for your continued support!

Jim and Liz Fritz

Mission Green LLC

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