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February 15, 2021 Volume 11 Number 2
Meet Relationship Expert
Maureen McIntosh

Maureen McIntosh, the new President of Glasser Canada, has been involved with Choice Theory since the mid 1980’s. She began her career as nurse in Labor and Delivery and the Operating Room. And after the first fifteen years in these demanding environments, she needed a job change to better manage her family life.
So, she became a nurse counsellor in “reproductive health”. To augment her skills, she studied counselling, and learned about Reality Therapy and internal control. She then understood the power of encouraging youth to self-evaluate.
At that time, young people did not have much reliable information about how to cope with love, romance, and physical attraction. Maureen’s task was to give information in a way that would be acceptable to students, parents, and her colleagues. It was a daunting task, especially considering the limits of appropriate communication about sexuality at that time.
In her first two months on the job, Maureen and her colleague were scheduled to give an evening talk on reproductive health to sixty parents! With great trepidation, they managed to address the group about discussing sex with their children, and they included subjects ranging from sexually transmitted disease to relationships. To their relief, they were well received.
Within ten years, their Center had addressed the sexual health needs of the local youth, and the birth rate in their region dropped to be among the lowest in Canada. Maureen had been certified in Reality Therapy, and as Dr. Glasser developed Choice Theory she developed a Choice Theory based method of presenting a sexual health curriculum. Prior to leaving Sexual Health, she wrote Choosing a Quality Loving Sexual Relationship outlining her framework and including process questions an educator can use to highlight important issues. (Continued below)
There Is Still Time to Register for the International Symposium Scheduled for February 20th and 21st

The 2020 International Symposium, originally planned for Croatia, has moved to Zoom in 2021.Here is how you can assess possibilities for your participation in this pandemic-aware event. First, you can review the the schedule and details of the presentation plans here.
All the presentations are scheduled for UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). To convert to your time, you can use the following link and open the Time Zone Converter. 
--The illustration to the left above shows conversion from local time in Los Angeles on the left, to the UTC time on the right. To determine the time of a presentation that interests you, begin with placing the UTC time of the presentation the upper right side of the calculator. Then enter a city near you in the lower left square. The converter will calculate your local time for the presentation. Of course, if you have local differences due to Daylight Savings Time, you will need to make an additional adjustment.
--There are two options for registration: a four session (one day) option, and an eight session (two day) option. The one day option can include four presentations in either of the dates on the schedule. You may choose how you register depending on your circumstances.
Hope to see you there!

Visit the Glasser Canada e-glasser web site and take a look around!
(Continued from above) Maureen went on to complete a Masters in Counseling, and had her own counseling practice-Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants for private clients. She has also become an ICF Associate Certified Coach, and has just developed a new program for coaching called The Empowering Relationships Inner Circle, a coaching and mentoring group for people who want to enhance their skills and develop their relationships in other areas of endeavor.
Maureen has also developed three short videos about Reality Therapy and gives them away on her web site as an introduction to happiness and good relationships. And, as Senior Faculty, she continues to conduct training in all levels of Choice Theory for Glasser Canada.
Maureen is a prolific writer, and frequently posts new blogs on her web site. She also has daily “musings”, which she emails to people on her mailing list. Her web site is full of information and resources, and also provides opportunity for registration in the more formal paid programs she manages.
Maureen’s web site is a great example demonstrating effective presentation of Choice Theory combined with enticing marketing. Her recommendations to those who want to build a Choice Theory practice is to find good instruction with a reputable marketing group and continue to develop materials. She would also recommend Toastmasters for sharpening presentation skills, and she is part of two online Toastmasters clubs open to interested participants.
She would welcome anyone surveying her web site to see what she has to offer. Maybe you would like to read the blogs, or sign up for your free copy of Musings by Mo!
By Carleen Glasser
February 2021

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
March 5-7, 2021
Les Triché

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
March 11-13, 2021
Mona Dunkin

Research Symposium
March 13, 2021 11AM Eastern 
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Open Training Basic Instructor Endorsement
Dr. Jean Seville Suffield & Nancy Herrick
February 19 - February 20

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February 26 - February 28

Open Training Advanced
Lynn Susan Sumida
February 28 - March 21
GIFCT is planning for a conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in July of 2021. There will be both in person and online options. Please watch for further information.

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