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December 7th, 2023

Mission Statement

We will be the body of Christ in our Community by Connecting with God, Growing in Discipleship, and Serving the World.

Next Sermon for December 10th

Advent 2023 at Oak Grove is off to a joyful beginning despite this year’s grinchy theme! We gathered in The Grove to celebrate the beginning of the season with tasty treats, children’s crafts, and creating over 50 Advent wreaths! Our children’s ministry extended the celebration by sending over 175 Advent activity bags into our community through our Sunday school and preschool families.

We celebrated old traditions as we gathered by the angel tree in hopes of bringing joy to a foster child and began new a traditions during 11am worship as we introduced Children’s time into worship. 

The festivities continued into the week with the Women’s group Christmas gathering on Monday evening, followed by the Golden Oaks Christmas luncheon on Tuesday. My heart was filled with gratitude as I looked across The Bridge and saw so many happy faces.

My heart is growing this Advent season, and my prayer is that your heart is growing too!

May God’s peace and grace be with you!


Click here to read the Advent Letter from Pastor Amanda

Advent Candle Lighters

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What a joy “Create & Celebrate” was last Sunday! It warmed my heart to see so many coming together for this celebration. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this event possible! 

We will be having a Grinch movie night on Friday, December 29th from 5-7:30 pm. All are welcome to join! Be sure to save the date in your calendar. Hope to see you there! 


Mandy Midgett

Please join us for

Cross Trainers

Sunday School at 9:45 am


Small Group at 5:30 pm each Sunday!

Here are the announcements for this week.


Cross Trainers Sunday School is at 9:45 - This Sunday, we will continue with splitting the classes; Jr. High will meet in the new classroom, with Chad & Matt teaching. Sr. High will meet in the regular classroom, with Noah leading. 


Sunday Night Small Group at 5:30  - Each Sunday night dinner will feature various delicious meals! Bring a friend.


Christmas Play Practice - Practices are continuing each week. Save the date for a December 16th date for the play. 


Christmas Caroling - The youth would like to go caroling on the Sunday after the Christmas play. They will visit some homebound OG members, both at home and those in nursing homes. Then, they will finish the evening by going out to dinner. The Women's ministry and anyone else interested in participating, is invited to join us for Caroling and dinner!


As always, please feel free to contact me or any of your youth leaders, with questions or suggestions for our youth!

Oak Grove's Small Groups

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Lou Chatfield (Cheryl Kos mother)

Alex Price

Carson Rutledge

Laura & Matt Hickman (Diane Hooks family)

Bill Peters (Kimes friend)

Pat Spear (Patty Midgettes mother)

Grace Morgan

Hunter (Makaylea Cortes)...

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