June 27, 2024

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Rector's Ramblings:

Attending the General Convention is not for everyone, but I have always appreciated and enjoyed it. This 81st General Convention, meeting in Louisville, KY, is my eighthconvention. I have served as an alternate deputy or deputy at five of those (the last fourfor the Diocese of Georgia). The other three I attended in an unofficial, or at least non-legislative capacity. As I’ve shared before, The General Convention of the EpiscopalChurch is one of the biggest legislative bodies in the United States when it is in sessionwith a lot of serious work to do. It is also a bit like an Episcopal theme park of sorts, too.There are thousands of Episcopalians here for the week, and between the sessions, themeetings, the worship, and the groups that attend, it’s unlike anything else.


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Season after Pentecost - June 30 BulletinRite II
St. Ignatius Season after Pentecost - June 30 Bulletin Rite II
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Necessities and Accommodations
At Christ Church, we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome, as we gather for worship. To that end, we offer the following services and accommodations:
• An accessible ramp is located just outside the back door of Christ Church along with two accessible parking spaces. (There is also a new accessible ramp at the Parish House.) 

• Restrooms can be found through the door in the back of the church.

• Parents are welcome to sit with their children in the Family Room/Parlor (through the back door of the Church) at any point during worship. The hall restroom is equipped with a changing table.

• Gluten-free wafers are available at communion for those with gluten intolerance. Cross one arm across your chest to signal this desire to the priest during communion.

• Hearing Assistance Devices are available in the narthex. Please speak to an usher about using one of them as needed.

• Our sound system is equipped with a T-loop for those whose hearing aids can connect using their internal t-coil. 

Care & Prayer

Email Mother Becky
Parish Prayer List
To amend our prayer list or to update the church on the condition of your loved one, please call the church office at 912-638-8683 or
email Mother Ashton at the link above. 

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