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Design Newsletter Late Fall 2020
Moving, Furnishing, Building
Our Design Firm has never seen such a dramatic shift in people moving to different residences, others making changes and updates to their home, and those creating additions to accommodate new ways of living in their space.

As a result, we have developed a tiered Design approach to be of help to those who want to make the most of their time and investment and to move on with their lives in the most comfortable way possible.

Our SHOP OUR COLLECTION curated designer picks allow DIYers to view mood boards and individual pieces to update their space, on their own. Just follow the link, click on the items you would like to purchase, follow the payment instructions, and they will be drop shipped right to your home. Its that easy!
This partners nicely with our E-Design Services for those who need to make sure their favorite pieces from our collection will fit in their space.

Have a couple of rooms that need a refresh? We will create 3D floorplans and do all product resourcing within your style and budget to help bring about your unique needs for your space.

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Whole house Design and new construction is where we really SHINE under our Design-Build umbrella! We take the time to understand exactly what you need, put together a dream team to execute the work and custom Design your project start to finish. We call this Livable Luxury Solutions.

How can we help YOU?
Take Me to Church
We have been talking to a local Baptist Church for a few years now about renovations and they are ready to move forward with Phase One. As you can see from this BEFORE photo the interior needs a refresh! We are working with them to make the front of the church more of the focal point, replace flooring, lighting, paint, and add AV monitors for streaming Sunday service.

Stay tuned as we create a beautiful new church to surprise the patrons when they return to celebrating together in person.
BLOG Highlights


The beautiful work of fine artist Jeff Erickson, reminds me of my beloved Hudson River. Jeffs paints with oils and cold wax medium, on canvas, wood panels, and paper, capturing the moody essence of a body of water that changes spirit multiple times a day...

Serena Dugan Studio

As part of our involvement with the 'Designer Discovery' we researched Serena’s beautiful textiles and wallpaper. They are inspired by the color, artisans and architecture that she has experienced in her travels to various countries around
the world…

View our daily progress on various current projects and how we use new space planning furniture in our Design process like that from Resource Furniture.

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The Designers Today Magazine DX (Designer Experience) was virtual and guess who was the musical guest? It was fun to be a part of such an amazing event sharing my 'other' creative outlet!

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