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National Alliance Launches Self-Assessment

Available via GAIN - the Golf Access and Inclusion Network™

The Golf Wire, Feb 6, 2024: Charleston, SC: The National Alliance for Accessible Golf (the Alliance) announces the launch of a self-assessment process to guide golf facilities towards recognition by the National Alliance for Accessible Golf as an Accessible Golf Facility.

The National Alliance Recognized Accessible Golf Facility Certificate will identify and recognize golf facilities around the country that have taken the necessary steps to demonstrate a commitment to increasing the participation of individuals with disabilities in the game of golf.

According to Dave Barton, PGA, Executive Director, “The process to attain the certificate is not a certification. It is a process designed to provide a clear path to better understand the actions critical to providing the foundation for a sustainable, welcoming environment at their facility, both physical and cultural. Facilities that conduct the self-assessment and earn the certificate demonstrate the value their leadership and staff place on access and inclusion in the game of golf for all.”

Items critical to the creation of an inclusive culture include an accessible website, barrier free access from the parking lot, throughout the publicly available buildings, golf course and other amenities offered, clear published policies related to matters of interest to individuals with disabilities, and training. The importance of embracing leadership and staff training related to golfers with disabilities is a primary contributor to the establishment of an environment where all feel welcomed. Please visit the Education Hub via GAIN to get started!

We Couldn't Do It Without You - Thank you!

From the Alliance - Orlando, FL and Phoenix, AZ - As a 501(c)(3) that provides on- demand and in-person education as a primary means to execute our mission, we just wanted to send out a Thank You to the NGCOA, PGA of America and GCSAA. Your organizational recognition of the importance of access and inclusion for individuals with disabilities in the game of golf and your commitment to educating owners as well as facility leadership and staff will change lives.

We appreciated the opportunity to share information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and golf and how your members and those they work with or employ can easily educate themselves via the Alliance Education Hub ... and get some education credits while they are at it!

Lot's of appreciation to throw around including to the Bockerstette family ... Joe, Jenny and of course Amy who participated in the GCSAA Golf Sustainability Showcase and a podcast with Scott Hollister from Golf Course Management Magazine. Alliance Board Members Jan Bel Jan, Chava McKeel and Jason Sfire delivered education at both the PGA and GCSAA events and Alliance Board President Justin Apel, Executive Director of the GCBAA who, with an amazing team, built the Golf Sustainability Showcase providing a forum to discuss sustainability of the game from an agronomic and a people perspective.

A special thanks to the fine folks at Kafka Granite who, when asked by an out of breath Executive Director who was scouring the GCSAA Trade Show floor in search of a putter and a couple of golf balls as part of brief demo, provided them with NO hesitation! Thank You! Just know, had that same Executive Director not been in a sling, he would have had his golf clubs in Arizona ... including a putter.

Large national competitions for adaptive golfers are generating great attention to the wide range of abilities these skilled players bring to the game of golf, but it is important to remember individuals around the country, young or young at heart, who have never played, may now better see what is possible.

They are going to be calling in or showing up at your counters around the country looking to learn and play. Are you ready? We're here to help you get there.

Dan Aldrich, President, North American One-Armed Golfer Association to Participate in Panel at CMAA 2024 with National Alliance

Las Vegas, NV - March 5, 2024 - As we wind down from the NGCOA Golf Business Conference, PGA Show and GCSAA Conference and Trade Show, its time to ramp it back up for the CMAA World Conference and Club Business Expo on the horizon!

Alliance Executive Director Dave Barton, PGA and Board Member, Jan Bel Jan, Past President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects will be joined by Dan Aldrich for a discussion on Creating Welcoming, Accessible and Inclusive Environments at Golf Facilities.

Dan is President of the North American One-Armed Golfer Association as well as a Board Member and Competitions Committee Chairperson for the U.S. Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA) and he will add his perspectives as an adaptive athlete to the panel. See you in Vegas!

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The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is the industry leader in inclusion— working to ensure the opportunity for all individuals with disabilities to play the game of golf and is represented by major golf, recreation and therapeutic organizations across the country.

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