Oct 20, 2023

Golf Club of California and

Aviara Midweek Results

Golf Club of California Results

Super Fun Day at the Golf Club of California for one of our Member/Guest events. The course was a bit challenging because it was aerated a little over a week before our play day. Greens were a bit bouncy and unpredictable and sloooooowwwwww. But if you adapted to that, you could make a putt. In fact, we had a few ladies shoot under 80 and others in the low 80's. Aerated greens didn't bother them!!!

We had 47 total gals come out to play on a gorgeous day (it did get warm at the end! But that's what the 19th is for). Of those 47, we had seven guests.

Thanks to our guests for coming out to play with us:

Lisa Stanley

Kelly Dorsey

Nikki Lee

Loree Burley

Daria Laboranti

Lisa Brewer

Missie Jacobs

Hope you ladies had a great time!

The game of the day was called Criss Cross, in which each player took her best ball to net par of Hole 1 and Hole 10, then of Hole 2 and Hole 11, and so forth.

Here are the results: (1st place winners received $20 Golf Mart Gift Cards, and 2nd place winners received $10 Golf Mart Gift Cards.) CTTP winners received $10 Golf Mart Gift Cards

Flight 1:

1st Place - Vida Vela with a -6 in a card off with Jen Levin

2nd Place, Jen Levin -6

Flight 2:

1st Place Daria M Laboranti with a -7 in a card off with Susan Hoffman

2nd Place Susan Hoffman -7


Hole 7

Flight 1 - Vida Vela

Flight 2 - Brenda Scarth

Hole 18

Flight 1 - Gina Menicucci

Flight 2 - Pam Pongratz

Top 8 in each flight:

Flight 1

Vida Vela with a -6 in a card off with

Jen Levin, also at a -6

Soo Lee -5

Paula Smith -5

Jan Edwards -5

Dina Mauger -4

Jojo Hou -4

Eunhwa Lenehan -3

Flight 2

Dari M Laboranti with a -7

Susan Hoffman -7

Brenda Scarth -6

Chris Shorkey -5

Suzanne Rogers -5

Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie -5

Adrienne Acre -4

Nikki Lee -4

Low Gross of the day goes to DEB FINLON with an 72!


Special mention to Lisa Stanley, with a 73

Jan Edwards and Mindy Sam Davis, each with an 80

Thank you to Brenda Scarth for planning, organizing, and running the event!

Aviara Midweek

We had a large group of 32 gals come out to play in the 9-11 event. The course was in GREAT shape, and we had a lot of low-scoring women on this beautiful day. And even with a 12:30 p.m. start, all made it in before sunset.

The game of the day was ODDS. All the ODD holes counted. So, to win, any blow-up holes had to be on the even holes!

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS: Cyndy Croft and Star MacDonald

And the winners are..!

The 1st Place winners received $20 Golf Mart gift cards, and the 2nd Place winners received $10 Golf Mart gift cards.

ODDS Winners

Flight 1

1st Place - Jen Levin with a net 35

2nd Place - Robin Banner with a net 36, in a card off with Nan Circo

Flight 2

1st Place - Rebecca Bolander-Sacco with a net 33

2nd Place - Brenda Scarth with a net 34


Hole 3

Flight 1 - Suzanne LaTour

Flight 2 - Susan Hoffman

Hole 11

Flight 1 - NOBODY!!!

Flight 2 - Star MacDonald... nice start, Star!

The Top 8 Places

Flight 1

Jen Levin net 35

Robin Banner net 36

Nan Circo net 36

Jessica Smith net 37

Deb Finlon net 37

Missie Jacobs net 38

Denise Nelesen net 38

Jan Edwards net 38

Flight 2

Rebecca Bolander-Sacco net 34

Brenda Scarth net 35

Maria de Lourdes Barroso net 35

Susan Hoffman net 35

Beth Davidson net 37

Wanna Caverly net 38

Cretia Hadley net 39

Katy Wright net 40

Low Gross of the Day goes to JESSICA SMITH with a 73!!!

Congrats Jessica! What a round

Special mention to others shooting in the 70's at Aviara:

Deb Finlon with a 75

Robin Banner with a 78

Jen Levin with a 79

Fun Pics from the Golf Club of California

Flight 1 Winner Vida Vela, Flight 2 Winner Daria M Laboranti,

Brenda Scarth, our Event Captain and 3rd place

finisher in Flight 2, and Pam Pongratz

Maria de Lourdes Barroso, Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie,

Melissa Silva, and Pam Pongratz

Low Gross Scorer, Deb Finlon, Jackie Glynn, Karen Bridges

and runner-up Low Gross Scorer, guest Lisa Stanley

Stacey Hayashi, Gina Menicucci, guest, Nikkie Lee and Soo Lee

Julie Chan is modeling her Day of the Dead shorts! Love the pose, Julie. You're a natural!

Pat Haberman, Katy Wright, Lisa Schmidt and Jan Edwards

Eunhwa Lenehan, Arienne Acre, Kelly Dorsey, and Julie Chan

Scenic View, unless your ball went in there

Scenic View unless your ball went in that nice bunker.... or you

LIKE bunkers!

Susan Crawford, Jacqui Todd,

Michelle Schmidt and Susan Crawford (front to back)

Fun Pics from Aviara Midweek

Suzanne LaTour, Pam Pongratz, Beth Davidson and Lien Nguyen

Nan Circo, Stacey Hayashi, Robin Banner and Jen Levin

Sand, What Sand? Go Suzanne!

Simply a gorgeous hole and a beautiful day

Water? What water?  You got this!

Water, What water? You got this Lien

That's a wrap!

Players Cup results are coming soon...
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