God's Sovereignty & Goodness

Dear Ministry Partner,

God is good and sovereign over all things. I really hoped that I would not experience illness during the tour in the United States with fellow National Directors from Southeast Asia. However, it was beyond my control and unfortunate that it actually happened. In the first week of the tour, I fell sick and had to undergo quarantine in a hotel for several days. This illness made me very uncomfortable and depressed. But, even when I was sick, God was good to me. He was there for me, even when I was alone. I am grateful that through this illness, I met Pastor James Anderson, who was kind enough to pay attention to and visit me during the quarantine period. He was like an angel that God sent for me. I am grateful that after this introduction, our communication has continued to be good, and we continue to pray for each other.

Thank you for your prayers and your support,

Frids Lumba

CCI Indonesia National Director

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New Classes

We are grateful for the two new classes that have started in Kopian Mamasa in West Sulawesi and the Sungai Poso class in South Sulawesi with a total of 7 and 4 study participants respectively.

As I started and taught the new class in Sungai Poso on Book#1: Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation, the four participants were very enthusiastic. Since I'm on the CCI 2023 Tour in the United States, this class will be taught by a Musa study participant for the time being. Please join me in praying for him and the entire class, as they continue their learning.

Sungai Poso class

Kopian class

Please pray that the students of these two new classes will learn effectively for fruitful ministry, be faithful in their studies and complete the training. May they be renewed and challenged on their vision, calling, and commitment to God’s Kingdom work.


"I work as a technician selling and repairing printers. My wife is a leader in our church. This requires me to study so that I can accompany her in ministry. Although I am an active member of the church and involved in ministry, I realize that my biblical understanding is limited because I was not properly trained and equipped with the correct theological insights. In ministry, I could convey the Word of God incorrectly. I am grateful that God used the CCI study class to help me be more accurate in studying the Word of God."

~ Yohanes

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Prayer Requests & Praises

·      Grateful for the two new classes that started this August.

·      Pray for my health while doing the 2023 CCI tour.

·      Pray for plans to open a new class at Unaaha Southeast Sulawesi.

·      Pray for plans to recruit the right person to replace the Mamasa Area Coordinator.

·      Pray for partners and key people in North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and East Kalimantan who are willing to work with CCI Indonesia in training and multiplying leaders.

·     Grateful for the opportunity for growth and connection by being forced to stay in quarantine. I had time to reflect on the situation and draw closer to God. And by meeting Pastor Anderson, I was able to forge a valuable friendship.

·     Pray for the 4 CCI teachers from Indonesia who are eager to attend the CCI Global Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in November 2023. While they are able to contribute some funds, this group still requires a total of $3,750 for their airfare expenses. If you wish to contribute towards helping us reach the CCI Global Conference, please click the link below.

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