" ADAM IS CALLED THE SON OF GOD in Luke 3:38 and that is written even AFTER he 'fell'. That is fully 100% Adam's identity, sooo as descendants of Adam, ALL human beings are God's sons and daughters also... How is that for turning the tables on the so called Adamic Nature? "

" We must not conform the Father to our thinking but conform our thinking to align with the truth of the Father's self revelation as fully mirrored in Jesus. "

"JESUS IS THE author and perfecter of your faith. Jesus founded your faith and He will finish it and do everything in between. He does the work, not you. You are to work as hard and do as much as an apple tree does to grow apples. You are only deceiving yourself with religious nonsense if you think you can produce spiritual growth or change yourself."

" LIKE IT OR LUMP IT but the gospel truth is you can never over exaggerate the grace and love of the Father. Words like hyper-grace do not even begin to touch the depth, height, length or the width of God's love and grace. Blow it up, magnify it, enlarge it, supersize grace and it still has not even begun to describe how big love and grace really are.... "

" A GRACE COMMUNITY DOES NOT invite you in by grace then drop the bomb of performance on you by saying you are a child of God when you sign the doctrinal statement, beat the addiction, help with the children's ministry, get your act together, tithe, play by the rules, believe without doubt, are religious, straight, and good. A real grace community does not require that you go through the rinse cycle before you are accepted. "