Sowing Opportunities had several amazing successes in the past week!

Even though one month ago we thought there would be no more opportunities to deliver groceries for an extended period of time, we were blessed with another possibility to do so.

We are grateful for the donations that have led us to this point, and for the courage of our project manager Ricardo San José and agricultural engineer Antonio Longo, as well as the leadership of Lety, Alfonzo, and Wendy Gómez in the village of Chajmaic, to allow this all to take place:

On Saturday, August 15th, we made our 6th groceries delivery during the pandemic to the village of Chajmaic. Eight (8) new families received rice, corn, beans, pasta, eggs, oil, soup packets, incaparina, powdered milk, coffee, and chocolate, to last for two weeks. At this point, 77 families in Chajmaic have received groceries
Delivering the groceries

Here are photos of the groceries distribution:
On Sunday through Wednesday, August 16th-19th, Ricardo and Antonio had a successful visit with the people of Chajmaic, interviewing 80 inhabitants of the village, identifying and meeting with village leadership, meeting with people at the municipal mayor's office, and taking water samples from the Río Cahabón to test for filtration. 

From several perspectives, this was the perfect timing for this visit, and our team took every precaution, from wearing complete PPE, including double masks, gloves and face shields, to providing masks and hand sanitizer to every person in the village with whom they were in contact, teaching them the value of these precautionary measures, and leaving supplies with them. The journey was very spiritual, as well. Many important connections were made, and prayer was a key component in this trip.
Agricultural engineer, Antonio Longo, presents the greenhouse project in small groups in the village of Chajmaic, Guatemala
The photo below shows one of the Chajmaic leaders, Lety, describing the proposed greenhouse agricultural project to women in the village, who are attending in small groups, socially distancing, with masks. She is speaking in the language, Q’echqi’. All of the 80 attendees are those who have received groceries deliveries from Sowing Opportunities since May. On the table are hand sanitizer and masks. In the background are the posters created on cloth by Ricardo and Antonio. In the corner, Antonio and Alfonzo are discussing strategies.
An update on this visit will be sent after Ricardo presents his report to Sowing Opportunities’ Board on September 1st
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