MISSION To empower disadvantaged youth with education and life skills, enabling them to break cycles of poverty
Goal Almost Done...
August, 2023, Vol.26
 Update-- We're half done with our goal for school supplies & the Puebla Trip. 

Dear Visionaries of a Better World, 

Jim Fralin, our Treasurer and volunteer from California, was here this week on business. Here he is in the photo above, helping to select back to school supplies with Drew. Please help us complete our goal for school supplies and the upcoming educational Puebla Trip. 

We are manifesting back-to-school supplies for 20 students, and an educational trip to Puebla City* for 8 students.

  • Back-to-School Supplies: We'd love 20 Visionaries to donate $10 each, to reach our goal of $200.(Supplies will be provided this month) 
  • Educational Trip to Puebla City*: We'd love 1-2 Visionaries to donate $500-$1,000 each, to reach our goal of $1,500.  

Please help make these goals a reality and donate today. When accessing the Secure Tab, please indicate what you're donating towards, thank you!

In Appreciation,

Drew Vogt, Loren Rice, Jim Fralin, Pamela Vazquez
*Puebla City, is the capital of Puebla state. It is on the historic route Hernan Cortez used during the conquest to reach Mexico City. Its Spanish colonial center is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is home to breathtaking architecture and is near to the Cholula pyramid, the largest by volume on the planet. These educational-cultural trips are VERY important for our students as most have no means to leave their areas, and seeing historic sites makes their history come alive.
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Did you know? On average in 2020, Oaxacans have only 8.1 years of schooling, which equals just over the second year of junior high school. This is almost 2 years less than on national level and more than 10 years less compared to the wealthier OECD-countries, that have an average of 18.5 years of schooling.
Why Oaxaca? Oaxaca City is the capital of the state of Oaxaca (pronounced wah-ha-kah). While our state is famous for native and culinary arts, it ranks as the country's third poorest and has one of the highest illiteracy rates. Its mountainous terrain makes commerce and education difficult, attracting many seeking a better life to Oaxaca City.
To empower disadvantaged youth with education and life skills, enabling them to break cycles of poverty.
A world where youth are treated with respect and empowered through education, thriving in equality, integrity and freedom, creating the life of their dreams, while giving back to their community.
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