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Gluten Free Diets...

Harvard research indicates that gluten free diets don't make any difference for people who do not have celiac disease....

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Unfortunately, blasphemy continues to be a growing concern in countries commonly considered to be past such persecution by religious authorities:

In Ireland, Stephen Fry is being investigated for blasphemy in Ireland:  The Guardian

You may find the "blasphemous" comments (i.e. well-reasoned sense) spoken by Stephen Fry on Youtube; you may also find some of Stephen Fry's earlier comments while participating in debates with Christopher Hitchens.

In Russia, Ruslan Sokolovsky faces up to 5 years in prison for filming himself playing Pokemon Go in a church.( DVS Gaming).   Meanwhile in India, a court has heard accusations that Pokemon Go is blasphemous based on the game's offering of eggs to religious vegetarians.

While the sentiments of those who wish to use blasphemy laws in Russia, India, Ireland (and yet, let's face it - Canada) may currently be verbalized in restrained tones, a story in The Nation , sums up the sentiments of religious authorities once they are firmly entrenched:

SHABQADAR: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) provincial chief Amir Mushtaq Ahmad Khan said, "I will cut the tongue and eyes of those who want to amend the blasphemy law." He distanced himself from KP CM Pervez Khattak over his statement in the Mashal Khan murder case.

Not only must one not blaspheme, one must not even consider amendment of blasphemy laws.
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