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Glue-down flooring for labs
We often talk about our interlocking product for lab facilities and how easy and effective it is, particularly as it pertains to downtime. Yet our glue-down products can also work for a lab and it’s something we also offer.

What are the benefits of glue down floor for a lab?

  • Durability: Glue-down flooring is extremely durable and long-lasting and is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and stains, and can hold up well under heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Seamless installation: Glue-down flooring creates a seamless surface without any gaps or seams. That’s very important in laboratory environments where spills can occur, making it easier to clean and maintain since there are no crevices for dirt, bacteria, or other contaminants to accumulate.
  • Chemical resistance: As would happen with our interlocking product, flooring would be tested against chemicals used in your specific lab.
  • Noise reduction: Glue-down flooring can help reduce noise levels in laboratories, which is important for maintaining a productive and safe work environment. It can help absorb sound and reduce echoes, making it easier for workers to communicate with each other.

Perhaps even more so than our interlocking flooring, glue-down flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors, which allows laboratories to choose a flooring option that matches their aesthetic preferences while also meeting their practical needs.

For more information on our glue-down options, please give us a call at 508-583-3200.
A BioLock solution at Children’s Hospital
Tom Connors, owner of ProSpec Solutions, has represented SelecTech for the past decade. In that time, he’s worked with a number of lab and healthcare clients. In this short video, he describes a recent project with Boston’s Children’s Hospital and our FreeStyle BioLock product.
Laboratories and Clean Rooms
These types of environments require high quality, easy maintenance flooring to provide a clean, safe workspace. A slip-resistant floor adds extra safety left from chemicals, cleaning products, or other liquids that could potentially spill. Additionally, a portable floor can be ideal for labs or clean rooms that need to move locations.

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