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15 June  2016

Happy Summer!!!  Hope you have some fun events planned!!  Be safe.  Have fun!!
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GJ (left)


I announced in March 2016 that I was moving my Coaching pursuits to  Pinterest. I am there. Have you come for a visit?? Come on, click on Pinterest above in the blue!!!

Now I would like to offer you the opportunity to do this for yourself.  What is your area of expertise? What do you want to share with others?

I am pleased and proud to offer you access, via my affiliate link, to the course that launched my success.  If you feel this is not for you -- perhaps, you will share this with another who has an interest. Pinterest is  much more than chicken soup and embroidery.

The strategies taught in the FREE 5 Day course Pinterest Power course are things that you need to apply in your Pinterest marketing today!   It's the ultimate guide to building a list, gaining leads, and securing paying clients, all through the power of Pinterest! Join for free by clicking the button below: 

If you're interested in finding out more about this whole Pinterest marketing thing for your business, be sure to check out the FREE 5-Day Pinterest Power Course from Summer Tannhauser at Lady Boss League {Click}.   It's your ultimate guide to building your list, gaining leads, and securing paying clients through the power of Pinterest!  


Future Newsletters

I have updated the newsletter format.  

I will be doing the newsletters quarterlyas I have started my Time Management BLOG, which appears both on my website  and Pinterest .

You are invited to join me daily for my Time Management/Efficiency tips on Facebook and Instagram

My book is available on my website and on
Quote to share - "Make room for what you pray for!!  It is coming.  It will arrive suddenly ... continuously.  And, will all be for YOU ."  -- Gloria-Jean ... ism
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