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NEOLITH®   dresses a modern, upscale apartment on vibrant Lafayette Street.

When one homeowner on Lafayette Street (located in the heart of Manhattan), started thinking about redecorating his apartment, he wanted the end product to reflect the lively, local district. To help make his dream a reality, he got in touch with Dessislava Boneva ( d s l v studio ), in order to create an elegant and cosmopolitan space, designed for living.

“Neolith is the ideal brand for his vision, as the material is able to capture a look that is both sleek and natural, while serving multiple important purposes for daily usage.”   —  explains the designer.

When it came to updating his kitchen, the client wanted something functional that matched the rest of the apartment. He also sought a surface application that was soft to the touch and mimicked the beautiful materials found in nature but that was infinitely more durable.  

The Zaha Stone model was chosen for the main surface of the island in Silk finish. The delicate white veins of the material create a striking contrast next to the more dramatic, gray striations of Carrara-inspired Estatuario Polished, selected for the sink area. A sophisticated blend of muted, natural colors, together they create a fresh, calm atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of an upscale, 21st century New York residence.

“The client wanted a high-tech, almost futuristic look for the kitchen island, which embodies the power of technology and innovation”   —  explains Boneva regarding the design.

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