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January 15, 2021 Volume 11 Number 1
 Lynn Sumida
Counselor and Contributor

Lynn Sumida is now known in our Glasser Community as a founder of Glasser Ventures. Her beginnings in CT/RT were as a licensed social worker in Canadian schools, when a teacher asked her to share some resources with teachers. In the search prompted by the request, she found Schools Without Failure. Following her innate inquisitiveness, she attended Basic and Advanced Intensive trainings. And, inspired by the training, she began to use CT/RT concepts in her work. Following a natural progression, she became CT/RT certified in 1980.
As a young mother, she found herself applying CT/RT concepts in her daily life. To address the demands of work and family life, she re-organized her all her quality world pictures of mothering and parenting. And, by that time, participation with Glasser’s ideas seemed so important, she actually brought her three month old baby to a Glasser Institute Convention!
Progressing, Lynn became a Basic Instructor and a major contributor in training CT/RT students. She was able to help create and improve the formalized training programs. There were a great many people attending Intensive trainings, and becoming certified. Many of them wanted to become part of the faculty. Her experience with these students helped to identify that a practicum supervisor level of training was needed to support progression of faculty level students. (Continued below) 

10,000 Kisses Promotes Mental Health of Teenaged Girls in Georgia

The poor girl was crying her eyes out in Gloria Cissé’s office, and it was Valentine’s Day. “I must be ugly and unlovable. I didn’t even get a Valentine card”. Gloria’s is experienced in the therapy of trauma and abuse, and in addition to her therapeutic response she got creative. She knew that teenaged girls are quite suggestible, and they are at risk for physical and/or sexual abuse--and even human trafficking. She started collecting Valentine cards, and recruited middle school counselors and social workers to help her distribute them to middle school girls anonymously.
Gloria and her group began by screening the cards to assure they had positive messages, and the first year they hand signed a thousand cards: “To a Special Person, From Someone Who Cares”. The cards were a hit. The response from the children was excitement: “Who thought about us?”
Every year, SCCT has increased the numbers of cards, and they are now preparing about 10,000 cards. They purchase unused cards in after holiday sales, and create hand made cards. Friends from all around the country send them cards.
Screening and signing thousands of cards proved to be daunting, so Gloria and her friends created card signing events throughout the year. The biggest event is a Red Dress Party in late January where friends get together to celebrate their friendships and sign cards. This year, they are planning a virtual Red Dress event, and sending the cards home with school lunches.
You could consider supporting Gloria’s group by sending them cards you have made or purchased. You could sign them with the special message; but please don’t seal them, so the messages can be verified. Or, if you have contacts with school counselors and administrators, you could consider starting a similar program of your own. For further information and details, contact:

Lynn Sumida Interviewing Mrs. Glasser, Part 2 :
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(Continued from above) Lynn then helped to take CT/RT on the road, to both Australia and Columbia. Both of these countries still have very active faculty and training programs. And throughout this time, Lynn continued as a therapist in private practice. “I could see client after client, and rarely felt drained.” She attributes her endurance to using CT/RT methods, and being very clear about her responsibility versus the client’s responsibility. She describes teaching CT/RT concepts to her clients as especially rewarding. Since Choice Theory is so easy for clients to learn, it gives them a sense of personal competence.
Lynn says she is deeply grateful for the part Dr. Glasser’s work has played in her own growth and development. As a counselor, her therapeutic specialty has been trauma, with sexual abuse as a particular area of concentration. She shares that she found the idea of success or failure identity, as described in The Identity Society, to be particularly helpful in counseling her clients. She has developed a process for assisting clients to address their Quality World pictures on identity and to devise an “authentic identity” which reflects their essential best. Perhaps we could encourage her to write a guide to counselors about these concepts and how she has used them, as surely we could all benefit from her experience. Using her insights as background, she interviews for Glasser Ventures using the vehicle of life stories, and educates us all in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.


A New Year: A New Start

Who would not like to leave 2020 behind? What a year we have endured! Hopefully 2021 will bring us a new beginning, a fresh start. Traditionally we make New Year's Resolutions at this time of year. In Choice Theory terms, we look into our Quality World to find a picture of what we want to satisfy our present needs. 

Once the picture of what we want is clear, we make choices that lead us to get what we want. The behaviors we choose are the enactment of our resolutions. Without a plan of action, resolutions are meaningless.  

Do you have actual plans or merely resolutions?
Open Training Certification Canada
Dr. Jean Seville Suffield & Nancy Herrick
January 15 - January 17

Virtual Basic Intensive Training US
January 28-30, 2021
Gloria Cissé

Virtual Basic Intensive Training US
January 28-30, 2021
Mona Dunkin

Practicum Supervisor Level 1 Canada
Dr. Jean Seville Suffield & Nancy Herrick
January 29 - January 31
Virtual Basic Open Training Canada
Maureen McIntosh New Brunswick Canada
February 3 - February 5

Virtual Advanced Intensive Training
February 5-7, 2021
Les Triché

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
February 5-7, 2021
Les Triché

Research Symposium--Wubbolding
February 13, 2021, at 11AM (Eastern US)
What It Takes to Be "Evidence Based"
(586 291 8025--Research)
GIFCT is planning for a conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in July of 2021. There will be both in person and online options. Please watch for further information as it is developed.
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