Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal ~ November 2020 
We are especially thankful this difficult year for all the wonderful support to keep our organization working tirelessly in the Cambodian rural communities. 

Our Expert Volunteers
CCDO is eternally grateful for the behind-the-scenes volunteers who are experts in their fields and generously donate their time to ensure the success of CCDO.

Gary Anglin and George Goodman from Trinex Internet Solutions (Vancouver, Canada), who host and keep our fabulous website updated.

Andree Thompson (Toronto, Canada), our exceptional SEO expert who keeps CCDO at the top of the Google Search.

Brian Bibi (The Netherlands) from Studio3B, our very creative graphic designer who is responsible for our colorful newsletters.
Our Dedicated Staff
A huge thanks to our dedicated Cambodian staff who kept the CCDO going during the time of COVID-19. With school cancelled, our teaching staff switched gears and happily deployed to the field to build latrines and safe homes.
Our Enthusiastic Board Members
We had an epic board meeting in Cambodia in January with everyone paying their own way. Our board members are fully committed and have each taken on active roles from finance to grant supervision to marketing which ensures that CCDO keeps its momentum and premise of a hand-up and not a hand-out to the villagers.
Our Grant Givers  
Your faith and funds have kept our doors open and allowed our team to help the beneficiaries.
IX Architects Pte, Ltd.
Bastion Foundation
Child Dream Cambodia 
Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore
Rotary Club Phnom Penh Metro
SE Asia Foundation
Texel Foundation
The Forgotten International

Uniforms for Hope
A very generous donation of $10,000 from Uniforms for Hope will ensure that 1,000 children will have new uniforms, shoes and book bags so they can go to school.

It is touching to witness the dedication of Cambodian children to education.
Giving Tuesday on 1 December
The eighth annual Giving Tuesday is coming up. On this day donors around the world are encouraged to make donations to their favorite charity to amplify worldwide giving impact. CCDO has been blessed with strong support in the form of grants this year.
We realize that many people are out of work and struggling and we certainly understand if you are unable to donate this year. But if you are fortunate to be in the position to donate, we will be glad to accept a tax deductible donation of any amount. 
Hydrus Project
The fruits of labor of our Hong Kong High School Hydrus project was that 31 Water Filters were distributed to 11 primary schools giving a total of 1848 children access to clean drinking water.

Rotary Safe Homes
Our Safe Homes and WASH projects continues to provide new improved shelter for 50 families this month. Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore in collaboration with Rotary Club Phnom Penh Metro and Global Grants has started on phase 5 and 6 of the project. No more leaky roofs! (Images show before & after)
Thanks to our most faithful supporter Gene Dunham for his very generous $1,500 donation to our general fund.
Staff News
Congratulations to Sophorn Touch, our Assistant Director, who was accepted into the prestigious American Express Leadership Course.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.